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Rue Armstrong

Fishing’s Future Master Angler Rue Armstrong “now retired” is also Master Angler of the Flint Hills Bass Association (FHBA) in Topeka, Kansas chapter.  He is an active fishing member and holds the Office of Conservation Chairman. He states that “As a club, we acquire, assemble, and assist in the placement of fish attractor habitat on surrounding lakes, collect trash from lakes and shores, and collect old soft plastic lures to donate to be reused, as well as fish. We also sponsor and assist the Jr. Bass Hogs with our youth bass club.”

With great pride, some of my fellow FHBA members and I in 2015 held 23 Fishing's Future Events involving over 1500 youth. We have given talks on boat safety, fishing etiquette, knot tying, fish identification, fishing rules and regulations, how to bait hooks, casting lessons, and the why, when and where to use different baits and this just names a few.

As a youngster growing up in the 40's and 50's in Holton Kansas, I can remember many days fishing in local ponds, lakes, and rivers with my Uncle and/or Father.  Now, after graduating from high school, I struck out in the world to be my own man. In doing so, after serving a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, I ended up in California and never seemed to get back into fishing.  During these years my work, including working on an assembly line, managing a retail store and eventually co-founding a very successful concrete restoration business seemed to take up every bit of my time. However, through the endeavor of raising my children I became active in coaching youth soccer, which was highlighted in acquiring a U-13 State Championship and also refereeing youth thru adult leagues.  Later in life after a change in my marital status and the sale of my business, in 2002 I returned to the great state of Kansas.

Once back, it didn't take long to pick up a pole where I had left off and I might add I married my old high school sweetheart who just happened to be a daughter of a state fish and game warden. She by the way out fished me 50 to one back then.

Now, just seeing anyone catch their first fish is now a HUGE JOY to me.

Topeka, KS