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Randy WarrickFF Logoco-Master Angler: Randy Warrick
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One only has to speak to Randy for just a little bit to grasp the true and sincere desire he has to share his love of fishing.  To be a bit more specific, maybe this should read “to share his love towards mankind”.  Fishing’s Future is honored to have Master Anglers such as Randy that honestly live a life of “Giving Back” or “Passing Forward”!

Master Anglers share a strong desire to promote positive family values through the sport of fishing.  Simply stated, Master Anglers wish to pass on to our youth of today positive “life-style” traits they carry and live out.  Randy in this regard is no different.  Where Randy steps out is what he has been doing in the past prior to becoming a Fishing’s Future Master Angler. 

You see, Randy started demonstrating not only his love for fishing but also his desire to “give back” in 2009 when he realized he had the opportunity (and duty) to show others that they were indeed important individuals too, worthy of being shown “one-on-one” attention and being shown they meant a great deal to others as well. 

Randy owns rental properties and it became apparent to him in while often visiting many of his elderly renters that just because they had aged did not mean they had lost their lifelong desire to sit by the edge of the water and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors waiting for that little tug on the end of the line. 

For two years he thought about this.  It was "pulling on his heart".  He even talked about what he could do but it seemed something would always come up or work or schedules would get in the way of him acting upon what was pulling on him and nothing was happening.

Then, not only did Randy feel called to action, he began taking action.  Randy began taking senior citizens fishing.  Seniors who simply could not go fishing on their own anymore would now get to go fishing.  Both Guys and Gals!

He sensed the attention many of these seniors were longing and acted upon his God given ability to show that attention to those in need of it.  It started with one senior who mentioned it to another who likewise obviously did the same because Randy ran out of polls and fishing gear in short order.  So, not only would he stop by all the garage sales he could to look for fishing gear he could use or repair enough to use or let others use, he bought a bus to transport his seniors to the fishing spots they now were able to visit.

Sometimes after fishing and being asked, Randy would give one of the polls to a senior and tell them “Here, this is yours.  Take this as a reminder that Yes! We will go again”.

One day Randy read an article in the paper about Kevin Reich, Fishing’s Future’s first state of Kansas Master Angler who is the Salina, Kansas chapter’s Master Angler and who had previously started the Hale Center, Texas FF Chapter.  After reading the article, Randy called Kevin who assisted in the creation of the Plainview, Texas chapter Randy now serves.

Randy wants to share and give back to our youth the same as he currently is to our seniors.

How lucky Fishing’s Future is to have Master Anglers like the two mentioned above…



Paul FikesFF Logoco-Master Angler: Paul Fikes

Paul's pic coming shortly...

Most of my earliest and best memories involve being outdoors with family. For me, fishing has always been a recreational activity that helps bring people together. Catching is even better! Fishing’s Future is a natural fit for me because I love being a part of a group that is focused on bringing people together around a fun and often exciting outdoor activity.

Just like many of the other master anglers in Fishing’s Future, I have a passion for education. I am currently an assistant professor at Wayland Baptist University in the department of Exercise & Sport Science. Among other things, I get to teach students who are interested in becoming physical educator teachers. It is a thrill to see the realization by many of my college students that yes, they can actually teach fishing in a PE class. Among this year’s activities are several student fishing trips and Wayland’s first-ever sponsorship of a Family Fish Camp (FFC).

Additionally, I am a licensed athletic trainer, physical educator, and Basic Archery Instructor through the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).