In 2004 the first FAMILY FISH CAMP(FFC) was conducted to get kids and parents together outdoors. Today, FishingsFuture.Org is more committed to achieving this goal than ever before.

This Year's CPR Contest Entries

Alex Ramer
My Dad and I went to Forest Park Fish Hatchery for the "CPR" Program to learn about the different types of fish during the Catch, Photo and Release Contest.
My Dad is Assistant Den Leader for Den 10 Pack 425 and I am a Wolf Scout in Den 10 Pack 425. I learned how to install a bobber stop, bobber, swivel, bead weights and make a leader line to attach the hook to the swivel. After casting my line, we sat and waited while watching the bobber. I seen the bobber start to move as the fish were nibbling on the bait and all the sudden it went under. I grabbed my rod and gently started reeling in and the fish took the bait, I tugged and it hooked the fish. As I reeled it in I could see it was a small fish about 6 inches long, It was a Bluegill. I held up my catch to get my picture taken then My Dad showed me how to gently remove the hook and release the fish back into the water as I watched the fish swim off really fast.
After checking to see if the bait was still good, I casted out again and shortly after I caught another fish, a Bluegill, it was about the same size as the first one I caught. We took another picture and released the fish back into the water then cast back out again. I had lots of fun today and was excited to catch some fish today. Afterwards My Dad and I ate a hotdog and rehydrated with a bottle of water before Heading back home. It was an exciting day and I look forwards to fishing more this summer.
Caleb Brown
I was fishing on the pier and nobody was catching anything. I kept watching my rod tip and evertime it would bend I would jump up. Finally my rod bent really hard and I jerked my pole and reeled in fast. I was so excited to catch my first fish of the day!
Kaleb Mashke
I was fishing at a little pond at a local nature center for an O.K. Kids Day event. I know it isn't technically a fish but it was fun to catch a frog that big. It weighed about two or three pounds. I was standing on the edge of the bank with a 10 foot cane pole and held the string down over the edge. I had other people help me to find the right spot because I couldn't really see it from there. Once it took the worm and hook the frog went crazy it hopped all over so it was hard to get him pulled in. I had to have some help to get him under control. I hollered at my mom that I got a frog and she grab her camera and ran to me to take a photo. It did not want to open his mouth so a guy that was helping with the fishing clinic had to pull the hook out. After everyone got to see him and my mom got plenty of pictures I got to release him back into the water and see him swim off.
Brenlyn Richmond
I got a big Largemouth Bass! They like to go after shiny things in the water, so I had to cast & reel in my lure several times before I caught one. I even got it out of the water all by myself! It was so exciting! My dad helped get it off the hook so my mom could take a picture and we released it back into Harvey County East Lake. I can't wait to go fishing again!!
Blake Bell
Hello my name is Blake and I'm 4 years old, 5 in July. I love it when my dad takes me fishing! I wanted to share my favorite picture when my dad taught me how to remove the hook after I caught a little bass. I can't wait to go fishing again!

-Teach a boy to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime

Damon Armenta
So when i caught this smallmouth I was pretty excited. I saw two and the smaller one took it first. My bait of choice was a pumpkin green flake senco. My location was stansburry park Utah.
Cypress Neve
My family went to O.K in beavers bend for Christmas.I got my rod from my uncle.It was a Quatum Bill Dance special Edition medium-light action spinning rod.

Then a year ago my family went to South Padre Island.The second day me and my family went swimming and I brought my rod.I was using a silver spoon. I had a fish on and it came off.It happened two other times.Then I finally got a lady fish on and I walked back to shore and got the hook out of the fish's mouth. I was so excited because that was my first fish with that rod and it is my first saltwater fish in my life.
Kooper Williamas
I was at a Cub Scout fishing derby. I was fishing for Blue Gill and catfish. My dad said "Kooper, your pole!" I grabbed the pole and had to fight it while reeling it in. I got it in and I took a picture. Then I brought it up to the table to measure it. I took it back down to the lake and I released it into the lake. I casted my bait, then another fish bit and I really had to fight it to get in. I brought it in, my dad netted it and I kept fishing for Blue Gill until he brought it up and released it back into the lake. Even though it was bigger then this one he didn't get a picture. I won the biggest catfish catagory at my fishing derby. I even caught 70 little Blue Gill! I had so much fun with my dad and friends fishing! I can't wait until next year!!
Griffin Nelson
Griffin and I were on an adventure walking down stream from a fishing honey hole of ours. Along the way we seen many different birds, animals and caught some fish including this beautiful Smallmouth Bass. Most of all we spent time outdoors together and had an amazing day together.
Colby Brown
I had caught two little fish telling myself that wasn't good enough I had 5 fishing poles out starring like a hawk at each one. The wind from the ocean wasn't helping it made me nervous but than I saw a real bite I quickly ran over to the third pole and jerked it hard. I knew there was a big one on it. It took me about 2 minutes to reel it in. I caught a nice size whiting. Everyone else wasn't catching much so once I took it to the scale it weighed 13 oz and I had the top fish of the tournament but It was only 30 minutes in so every 10 mins I would check the leaderboard and I stayed on for the rest of the tournament. I won a ocean rod and a plaque.i had a great day fishing.
Kailey McClellan
I was camping with my family at Starvation reservoir we were camping right on the lake and had just gotten there. I decided to walk down to the water with my new rod. After a few casts I caught this beautiful rainbow trout. It put up a good fight before I finally landed it.
Patty Greever
My daughter, Patty was fishing at Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri for rainbow trout.
She stood in 54 degree waste deep water for an hour when her line got tangled, so I was fixing her line and told her to use my rod and reel. Next thing I know she is yelling with excitement and landed a 2lb 8 oz rainbow on a four pound test line. Nothing compares to your little girl loving the outdoors. We got a picture and released the trout back into the stream.
JT Greever
My son and I like to fish this small creek here in NW Missouri for little catfish.
Local farm asked how we where doing, but we had just started so nothing yet as we had just put the lines in.
Spending the afternoon on the bridge with my son was a great day, but became better when he set the hook on this 2lb 12oz channel cat. My sons not big for his age, but managed to pull this cat up about twenty foot to the top of the bridge.
We got a picture, and released the fish back to the water.
The best part of the pic, is how my son is holding the fish away from him to make it look bigger then it is. LOL
Kooper Williams
I was fishing under a bridge. I was catching some Blue Gill. The Blue Gill were small and little. My dad told me my pole was moving. I went to grab it and I caught this catfish. I kept on catching Blue Gill until I put new bait on. Then I casted back out and I wasn't fishing for Blue Gill. While I waited I was playing a game of putting some rocks on another rock. Then I went back to catching Blue Gill again. I also caught a Large Mouth Bass but it was a little one. I had a good day, it was fun and me and my dad caught some Blue Gill. I don't know when I will go but I can't wait to go again this week! I hope we can go out on the boat real soon but if we don't it's ok because I love fishing any where!
Kooper Williams
I was catching blue gill with my dad. There was a big fish at the bottom swimming around. I tried to catch it with wax worms like I was doing with the blue gill. I put a night crawler on and tried to catch it with that but it did not want to eat it. So I went back to fishing for Blue Gill again. I caught a bunch of them. I was reeling in another one and the big fish came out from under the pier and ate my blue gill as I was reeling it in. I reeled it in and it was a largemouth bass. I took a picture with it. We released it and I tried to catch a different bass but it didn't bite. That was the bestest bass I ever caught because it was a good fighter and my biggest one! I want to catch another one!
Edi Arneecher Farm day fun!
Michael Leas Jr
Michael jr and dad out camping and fishing for the weekend. We proceed to go on a 13 mile canoe trip the following day. I would like to share more photos. Let me know how I can do so.
Keiron Langston
I only had about an hour to fish and I begged my mom to take me fishing before my brother’s baseball game. She said okay and we went to a local public fishing lake. After a while of fishing I got bored and cast my plastic worm out and notice some bluegills so I grabbed my net and tried to scoop up bluegills and then release them for fun. I tried really hard but didn't catch anything in my net but seaweed. Then my line that was in the water went tight so I thought that I was drifting backward dragging my worm on the bottom but actually I was getting pulled by the bass in the photo in my kayak. I grabbed my pole and lifted it up then I felt tugging and set the hook then I went on a journey around the small lake while the bass pulled me and I got him in my net and paddle all the way to were my mom was and I left the fish in the net in the water and got photos and then released the fish back into the water to live another day.
Kaylene Rogers
My entire family went fishing with our friends for father's day. We first went to lake Olathe in the morning. We didn't catch anything so we enjoyed our picnic and went home. Then in the early evening we went to cedar lake to try again. We had so much fun casting our lines. We were all catching fish, except my brother caught a cup. I was getting my line in the water, then I would run around the grass with the 2 year old baby and play, mom and dad watched my bobber. Then they told me when they thought I had a fish. I had lots of worm thieves before I finally caught one. I have autism and I don't keep my attention much, but mom and dad and friends let me have fun when we go fishing, so it is never boring. I love to go fishing now.
Kaya Williams
I was at the McHenry Dam on Saturday fishing with my family.. I was trying to catch some catfish. My dad helped me cast my pole out so I didn’t get stink bait everywhere! My dad took my brother to the bathroom. Then a little while later, when they were walking back, my mom and I saw the pole move. So I got up from my chair and went to the pole and waited for it to move again. Once it moved again, I picked it up and started reeling it in. When I was reeling it in, it was sort of easy but sort of hard. After that my brother came running to get the net to net the catfish. We like to help each other that way. It was really fun to do. I can’t wait until I get another catfish. I hope the next catfish I get is even bigger! I caught a lot of fish that day.
Caroline Brown
I caught this fish all by myself. My daddy took me fishing and my rod bent and I pulled real hard. I reeled it in and then let it go so it could swim with it's brothers and sisters in the ocean.
Riley Pate
Mom took me and my brother and his girlfriend to Petite Jean to go hiking before my brother had to leave to go to basic training for the army for the summer. I knew there was a little creek that flowed by the trail so I packed my mini fishing pole and some of my favorite jigs in my backpack that I was going to carry. I knew if the water was running good that I wanted to fish. As we hiked along the trail I put my fishing pole together and a jig on it and I threw out my pole. I caught a bunch of bream, goggle eyes, and a few bass. This was a big goggle eye one. It was bigger than my hand. Some people saw it and thought it was cool. It sure was fun and pretty. I love fishing! I want to go back and fish some more.


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