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Bobby Keenom

Bobby, along with his son Jake, is an avid tournament bass fisherman in both the BASS and TBF federations. Jake, 16, is a 2 time state junior champion and is currently competing at the high school level. 

Bobby and his wife Shyla Keenom have been involved in fishing their entire lives.  The family owns and operates Whopper Baits in Meeker, OK.  Through this soft plastics and jig company, they operate a soft plastics recycling program. This program recycles soft plastic fishing lures that would otherwise be thrown into the water or end up in a landfill. Clubs across the U.S. collect used plastics and send them to Whopper Baits. The Keenoms then melt the plastics down and create new baits. These baits are then sent free of charge to youth organizations across America.

This is a natural partnership for Fishing’s Future. This is a family that works hard and plays hard together.

The goals of the Shawnee area chapter are to have at least one Fishing’s Future event per month.

Meeker, OK