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Christiane Deaton

Christiane has traveled the world as a child of an Air Force Colonel but no matter where the family lived there was always a fishing experience.  From west coast to east Christiane has fished with her family. 

In 2005, Christiane met her husband, Billy.  Billy came from a rich upbringing on the water and they both bonded over their love of the water.  Whether fishing the warm Atlantic waters, clamming at Oregon Inlet or cast netting near Bogue Inlet, Christiane and Billy fished, laughed and loved.  In 2008, they welcomed son William to the family and the love of the water continues.  

Christiane’s life took a wonderful turn when she started to work at Jennette’s Pier.   She was able to help bring fishing and ethical angling to the thousands of visitors who came to the pier each year.  She made it her goal to make sure that every child who caught their first fish would remember the experience and come back to fish again.

Nags Head, NC