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Danielle Lampman

I was raised in Basin, Wyoming.  Now I live in Greybull, about 7 miles away from where I was raised. I have my loving husband Jason and we have 3 children combined!  I have two children, Camryn and Ashtyn and Jason's daughter Summer.  

I was raised in the country by my grandparents and was able to attend summer camps, play sports and spend as much time as I wanted outside.   My sister and I would play in the fields, built forts and cool off by jumping into the ditches (if only we had known that it was dirty canal water).  My grandfather was a military man and although he taught me many things and spent lots of time with me, we just didn’t go many places, including fishing.  I didn’t realize how much I really loved to fish until I was a teenager and went with some friends.  Fishing was a self-taught thing for me.  I like to hike and camp and in the winter we ski and snowboard.  Every time we go somewhere we learn something new.

My children love to fish.  My son, Camryn, will get on his bike every day, and ride up to the local raw water pond and sit until dark with his friends and fish.  My best friend and husband, Jason has a daughter, Summer, and we spend most of our time camping and fishing in the summer time.  Jason and I both have concerns of our children relying on electronics, so we want to teach them things they can do outdoors.  We wish for children to learn survival skills as well as enjoying the beauty and serenity that we have right in our back yards.   Jason is careful to have the kids learn and practice everything that he teaches them.  It really is amazing to watch him teach and them learn.

3 years ago, I was approached regarding stocking the raw water pond, and how years ago a fishing event was held there.  I had 3 weeks, but was determined and with Jason’s help and the help of family members and friends, we pulled it off.  We had almost 100 participants!  That is a big turnout for our rural community.    This year I decided to go even bigger and with some basic email contacts I was put in touch with Fishing’s Future.  What an awesome honor to be part of this great organization.  Thank you for this opportunity.   Wyoming embraces you!

UPDATE!!  2016 we had over double the participation at the local pond!

This year, 2017, we did more individual camps and a lot of one on one, as our access to the location of the Town's Raw Water pond has been denied.  It just makes us stronger and want to work harder!!!  We love what we do and spending time with kids is the ultimate reward.  We are currently looking into a new location to hold an annual event to run for years to come.

Greybull, WY