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Dr. Ed Tampson

Dr. Tamson founded Performance Dimensions International (PDi) in 1983. He has provided consulting services and survey solutions for a variety of organizations, including: Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Financial, Hospitality, and the public sector. His expertise in linking valid and reliable measurements, surveys and assessments (quantitative data) with highly effective individual, team and overall organizational performance improvements (qualitative processes) has resulted in the design and implementation of innovative and highly productive: PDi Customer Loyalty Programs, PDi Employee Engagement Programs, PDi Team Effectiveness Programs, PDi Solution Action Teams and a diversity of PDi Leadership 360° Feedback and Coaching Programs. His firm merged with Survey Insights in 2001 to form Performance Dimensions, International, LLC. (PDi)

Ed earned his Doctoral Degree at the University of California specializing Organizational Psychology (Regents Scholar). He earned his Master’s Degree at California State University (University Honors), and his Bachelor Degree at the University of California (Board Honors).

He is a member of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, the American Society for Training and Development, Applied Psychology Association (Leadership Coaching). He is an active contributor and supporter of a number of nonprofit environmental groups and volunteer associations and foundations.