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Frank Audano, Jr.

I was raised a Kansas farm boy around Waverly, KS. After attending ESU, I was an IT and Business/Principal Consultant as I traveled all over the US working various projects from New York City to San Francisco before I finally decided on settling down in Kansas City with my Real Estate Business . I love helping others and work with various community service oriented programs throughout the year.

As an Eagle Boy Scout, I’m an active volunteer with Boy/Girl Scouts In the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Fishing's Future - I am the Johnson County, KS chapter organizer for this Free non-profit service. Fishing’s Future provides opportunities for individuals, groups, and families to learn more about fishing and have FUN while learning. Contact me for more information or if you would like to schedule an event. Fishing is a passion of mine and I love teaching others regardless of their experience.

Olathe, KS