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Heidi Albin

Heidi Albin is the science teacher and character education coordinator at Complete High School Maize, a small alternative high school in Maize, KS that focuses heavily on character development and life skills.    Heidi is passionate about teaching character and life skills through experiences, and Fishing's Future is the perfect program for this.  Many of Heidi's students come from difficult backgrounds and have missed out on the opportunities that are normally associated with childhood; the Maize Fishing's Future Chapter that Heidi established for her students has made it possible for them to experience the outdoors and learn the visceral object lessons that nature provides. 

 "When students catch a fish, a smile radiates across their face and their eyes light up.  In that moment, they have forgotten their past hurts and their present struggles; all of that is replaced by a sense of pride and accomplishment that encourages them to strive for more."  - Heidi Albin

Heidi has also established a Kansas Wild chapter at CHSM to enhance outdoor learning and created a garden classroom through a grant she was awarded through Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education.  Heidi went through Paws For Freedom training to bring a facility therapy dog, Kinsey, to CHSM in order to provide emotional support to her students.  Kinsey enjoys fishing and exploring with Heidi and her students.  Heidi was also recognized as a 2017 National Milken Educator

Maize, KS