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Incorporating Video Uploads

Submitted by User1 on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 9:43am

How best to allow site visitors permission to upload videos...

When I tried to reply to the link "Have the site scale..." I expected to have my comment "embedded" in the original llink.  But when I click on reply it opened a new "thread".  Other chat site I go to have the reply listed with the comment.

I guess i did something wrong, because when I commented on it not being where I expected, it worked perfectly.  

That answers that question.  I was playing around with the site.  Other chat sites I'm on also have a "remove" button.  I was able to edit my post, but not remove it.  Just a thought.

Individuals who have the authority to remove comments will be allowed to delete other's comments.  Are you telling me you cannot delete your own comment???

I have that power to remove your comments and I just removed one as a trial.  Original authors should be able to remove their own comments though.  See if you can delete one of your comments.

Shane, Shawn, this is fantastic. I have been looking forward to us having one. I think this will make communication with MA's that much easier.   Awesome job.