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John Copple

John fishing with his grandson
John with a nice 14lb Catfish

I am John, a grandfather who enjoys fishing with my two grandsons. My first memories of fishing go back to local trips with my dad and my granddad, both of whom also enjoyed the experience of fishing as much, or more than, the catch.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism Fisheries Biologist Don George has worked hard to provide great fisheries in Linn County Kansas, where I live. Although there is a wide variety of fish in our local waters, catfish are my favorite catch. With KDWP&T feeders on several area lakes I can pretty quickly pull in a couple of nice catfish for a meal, but I most enjoy the quiet of nature and often spend several hours at a time with a fishing pole just watching the water and the surrounding wildlife.

When I started working with my grandsons I was surprised at how quickly they caught onto the mechanics of casting as well as the concept of catch and release. My two little guys live in a single parent household and are close by so I can spend plenty of time with them in the outdoors.

I realized over the past couple of years that there are lots of little folks out there who would love the experience of fishing but who for a variety of reasons don’t get the opportunity to fish. That is what brought me to Fishing’s Future, where we help expose youngsters and their families to the fun of fishing. I look forward to each event and the fun that there is in helping adults and children connect with each other and with the hobby of fishing.

Our chapter is involved extensively in after-school programs and area fishing derbies. Fishing’s Future gives me the outlet to make an impact on other lives and in particular to share my love of fishing.

Pleasanton, KS