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John Seidel

John started in the fly fishing industry in 1975 traveling the country with his father T.R. Seidel of “Seidel”  fishing products.  In 1985 he began as a commercial fly tier for several fly shops in Denver Colorado.  In 1989 he started Tite Line fishing as the “rebirth of “Seidel” leader sink and dry fly powder after his father passed away several years earlier. 

While operating Tite Line Fishing John had the privilege of working with some of the great names in fly fishing; Will Godfrey, Jack Dennis, John Baily, Orvis, and several over great people in the industry including some larger companies outside the US including CAP’s Corp. 

John also was a member on the Board of Director in the West Denver Chapter of F.F.F. there he worked in the education and speaker to help with continuing education and seminars.  He had the opportunity to work with some fantastic names and educators including; Gary Borger, Gary Loomis and Doug Swisher.

Because of his great love of the outdoors and fly fishing he moved to Montana were he started a guide service and later became a premier outfitter and guide featuring gourmet stream side lunches on the bank of the Missouri River, the Madison, the Gallatin and Jefferson.  Because of his success he was given the opportunity to be features on ESPN II with Jim & Kelly Watt several times.  During that period he continued to travel the country and a paid celebrity speaker for ISE, O’Loughlin’s and Eastern Fly Fishing Show.

In 2005 John sold Tite Line Fishing and acts as a business consultant for his old company.  He still attends one or two shows a years as a way of keeping in touch with the industry and old friends.  

Preston, ID