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Ken Cottle

Fishing has been an interest of Ken’s as long as he can remember.  By age twelve, one could say he was committed (hooked) on the sport of fishing.  Often on summer mornings he would be up and fishing by 6:00 a.m. and home again with a limit of fish for breakfast.  However, this happened perhaps too often so his father encouraged him on the idea of “catch and release”.  As a member of the Boy Scouting program as a young man, most of their scouting camps centered on fishing activities.  His boyhood experiences with fishing were so positive that it influenced his career choice of becoming a Physical Education teacher and guide his students to become anglers.  As a father and grandfather along with support from his wife Belvadean, teaching his children and grandchildren the skills of fishing have always been a part of family activities and vacations.

In the years 1997 through 2002 he was given the opportunity to pioneer fishing classes for The Lifetime Sports program, as part of the Weber High School Physical Education Department.  This one semester State Accredited class was well accepted and included both young men and young women.  This course allowed the students to receive part of their Physical Education requirement for graduation.

From 2001 to 2014 as the lead instructor and volunteer, he served the Ogden City Recreation Department as part of the Utah Urban Youth Fishing Club Programs. He was instrumental in the development of Glassman Pond as a “Community Pond” in the Utah Urban Fisheries state wide program. During that time, he was fortunate to be recognized three times by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Volunteer of the Year in 2005, Outstanding Service Award 2010, and in 2014 he was awarded a Stewardship Award as Community Fisheries Mentor of the Year.  In Scouting in 2016 he was recognized with the William T. Hornaday Gold Badge for teaching conservation within fishing programs.

Ken has been a Merit Badge Councilor for Fishing and Fly Fishing in the Trapper Trails Council since 2003.  He holds Certifications as a Fishing Instructor from The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Urban Fisheries Program 2000 to present,” Take Me Fishing” Passport to Fishing and Boating 2003 to present, Future Fisherman Foundation “Hooked on Fishing” 2012 to present, and a B.S.A. Certified Angling Instructor 2016.

As chairman of the Trapper Trails Council Fishing Committee he has influenced the development of four chapters of Fishing’s Future, the organization that provides quality fishing equipment and programs so scouts can receive the Fishing and Fly Fish Merit Badges while at summer camp.  The three camps that have FF Chapters are Camp Hull Valley, Camp Bartlett and Camp New Fork.  The fourth FF Chapter provides Cub Scout Day Campers fishing skills of casting and fish identification so they can become better anglers.  For the past six years, he has trained summer camp fishing staffs.  He recently has been appointed as Western Region Area 2 Fishing liaison for the B.S.A. National Fishing Committee.

Ogden, UT