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Kevin Reich

As a  Master Angler I enjoy sharing my passion of fishing to families all over. I am also a Merit badge counselor for Angling for the Boy Scouts of America. I have enjoyed Angling since I was a small kid and was fortunate to have had the talent passed down to me by my dad.

Getting families out doors and getting a rod in their hands is my goal. Along with this goal I can get that adult/child to have some family time together and most of all enjoy each other. "The plus to this is catching fish."

As a former Angler Education instructor of Texas I have returned to my home state to share my skills in Angling.  For the last four years I have been teaching individuals how to enjoy the fun and relaxation of Angling for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and held a Chapter with Fishing’s Future in Texas.  I am also a Merit badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America. I have joined in with Kansas Parks, Wildlife and Tourism to show folks a fantastic sport in the great outdoors.

Raised on Cheney Lake here in Kansas I spent many weekends "soaking a line".  I was lucky to have a father who passed down his love of the sport.  I can remember night’s Dad coming home from a fishing trip with buckets of White Bass spending hours cleaning fish.

Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism has a large number of both large and small lakes for Anglers to enjoy fishing and nature as a whole by doing just what I got to do as a child, which was to “soak a line” by catching some of the many species of fish native to this great state.

Serving as Vice President of Product and Procurement for Fishing’s Future I have opened this Chapter here in Salina KS.

Please join in with me at a Family Fish Camp (FFC) in your area.  Contact me with your thoughts and ideas for a FFC in your area.

Fishing’s Future is 100% committed to supporting the tremendous efforts Kansas is pursuing towards it's "Angler Education” program.

The best part of my day is that smile on that child’s face when they catch that first, second or tenth fish. When the child smiles the adults are right behind them with excitement. That is the pay back that I enjoy and receive.

"Please allow me to pass on the passion of Angling to your family and give you the gift of spending time together outdoors in GOD's great surroundings."

Media article from KSALLink.

Salina, KS