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Marissa Kuri

Hello everyone!

My name is Marissa Kuri and I was born and raised in Brownsville, TX. Good ol’ South Texas! Growing up water front to a resaca and having South Padre Island about 25 minutes away helped spur my passion for the outdoors and wildlife. Activities ranging from canoeing every day after school to fishing and hunting. I had and still have the best of both world – fresh and saltwater. My father thought me about the outdoors and especially about fishing. I know what it’s like to have those memories of bonding and learning a skill to be proud of, therefore, I strongly believe in the importance of passing on that knowledge. In no way am I an expert in either the fishing and hunting world but I am willing to learn new things.There is always something new to learn. Definitely not afraid of getting my nails dirty!

I am currently attending The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley part time to obtain my degree in Nursing while working full time with I.E.S. I am the Assistant Recreational Sports/ Physical Education Coordinator for International Educational Services, INC. Aside from overseeing that the P.E. department runs smoothly in all nine of our facilities, I am also the head of the Arroyo Recreational & Science Center in which the Arroyo City Angler’s chapter will be based from.  Before the Arroyo City Angler’s chapter was established, the purpose of the Arroyo Recreational & Science Center was not only to teach youth about environmental stewardship but to also instill a positive hobby. Looking forward to educating and changing lives through fishing!

Rio Hondo, TX