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Micah Zarse

Micah flipping an openface
Micah at a Family Fish Camp with parents Dick and Kim
Family Fish Camp (FFC) - Sunset Park

Micah was born and raised in Alexandria, Indiana but now lives in Rocky Mount, North Carolina where he serves as Fishing's Future Master Angler.  He has two beautiful females in his life; his wife of 10 years and his daughter, Riley. One of Micah’s life long passions is the outdoors. 

Micah was fortunate—he was taught to fish and fly fish at a very young age by his father, Richard Zarse.  His interest for fishing began and grew as a small child while fishing in local ponds with his father; he affectionately recalls a long family fishing trip to Canada where he caught lots of huge small mouth and making a huge positive impact on his love of fishing.

The lifelong lessons he’s learned from fishing include patience and persistence.  These virtues have shaped his life and encouraged him to make right life decisions.  He believes fishing is about being together, more than catching “the big one.” Micah knows first hand of the strong bonds that time with family creates.

Micah realizes there are a number of people who would love the experience of fishing, but whom, for a variety of reasons, are not afforded the opportunity. It is because of this that Micah has become passionate about “paying it forward” and exposing people of all ages to the exciting world of fishing. Further, he is excited to be a part of Fishing’s Future's Mission; to share his passion for fishing and the outdoors with the youth of today.

Rocky Mount, NC