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Newton Kindergartners Day at Harvey County West Park

Family Fish Camp (FFC)
Monday, May 1, 2017 - 9:00am to 2:00pm


For the last couple of years the Harvey County Parks Department host over 200 kindergartner children from the five elementary schools in Newton and Walton Kansas.  Last year was the third year that the Parks Department Naturalist Carol Dilts had taken kids for a nature hike and introduced the kids to her mini traveling zoo (spiders, snakes, and a Great Horned Owl).  The last two years Park Ranger and Fishing's Future Master Angler Stuart Scott added to the fun by taking the kids down to the shore for some fishing with cane poles. .

Both activities were a big hit with teachers, parents, and children, so this coming April and May the Parks Department will be hosting all the Kindergartners once again.  The exact dates for each class are posted below.

Slate Creek Elementary              4/21

Sunset Elementary                     4/24

Walton Rural Elementary             5/1

South Breeze Elementary            5/5

Northridge Elementary                 4/19


For any questions please contact Newton Kansas Master Angler Stuart Scott at the link below.

Harvey County West Park,2733 West Park Road,Burrton,KS,67020
Contact Person(s): 
Stuart Scott