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Shane Wilson (Founder)

Shane Wilson founded Fishing's Future out of a need he recognized while working with at-risk students.  "Our society is slowly declining in family values as more and more families "kids" are experiencing the effects of broken homes or disjointedness from today's technological devices."   Growing up, Shane shared quality time with his parents, as most of America did, eating dinner together around the kitchen table and discussing the day's activities.  Today, families have little time to spend together as social media, digital gaming, and other social pressures consume every waking moment.  Wilson decided to use his educational background to create an organization dedicated to reconnecting families via an educational angling experience.  The vision in bringing Fishing's Future to life is testament to Shane's desire to make his world a better place.  

As a child, Shane began delivering TV Guides to local neighbors for .15 cents a copy per week. He rode his bike up and down country roads in central Indiana each Saturday morning for three years until he turned his attention to sports and gave his Saturday's to practice.  Being a competitive individual, Shane learned the importance of hard work and realized that persistence, integrity, and long hours eventually lead to success. Later, in his teens, he begin honing his leadership skills as captain of his high school baseball team and President of the Student Council.  He was voted by his classmates as the one "most likely to succeed and be happy at the same time." Shane attended Indiana State University later transferring to Ball State University where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education and shortly thereafter began a Masters Degree in Adult Leadership specializing in the corporate environment.  Utilizing his education and his work ethic, he worled his way up the latter to become plant superintendent for the Foural Corporation which provided out sourcing services to Navistat International and General Motors.  Shane left that employment for a position within Indiana State Technical College as their Economic Development Coordinator overseeing the educational programs of five General Motors plants.  In the mid 90's, Wilson to moved his family to South Padre Island, TX and currently serves his community as a 1st grade teacher within the Point Isabel Independent School District.  He is also Chairman of the South Padre Island Ethics Board, past President and current Vice President of Friends of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Chairman of the Board for South Padre Island's Sea Turtle Inc. and Property Owners Who Cares - SPI. 

Shane on the cover of Outdoors MagizineShane Wilson is a proven decision maker who understands the importance of listening when leading.  He has a keen sense of human nature and an innate ability to call others into action.  His drive to make a positive difference is seen in his teaching, his public service and in his unique ability to share a vision and bring others along.  Shane recognized the need for stronger parental involvement, and an ever-increasing need for kids to simply get outside and play.  In 2009, Shane was recognized on the Floor of the Texas State Senate and in 2013 was inducted into the Rio Grande Valley "Walk of Fame"  for his works within his community.

Shane has appeared on television, in magazines, on radio talk shows and periodically gives motivational talks. He is married to Stephanie and they share their home on South Padre Island, Texas with two rescue dogs: "Austin" an Old English Sheep Dog mix and a Bearded Collie named, "Benny".