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Sherri Withers

I started work at Clinton State Park with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWPT) in February of 1999.  KDWPT partners with Fishing’s Future, which is where I was introduced to this great program in 2015.   My official title is Administrative Specialist here at the State Park.  I help the State Park by selling fishing & hunting licenses, deer & turkey tags, boat registrations, paying our bills and remitting the over a half a million in yearly revenue sales that is collected throughout our state park.    In 2004 I also took on the care and interpretive programs for our live Kansas animals that we have on display at the state park office.  (Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, Toads and Scorpions)  Sharing the knowledge and respect that I’ve learned over the years about our Kansas animal friends is what lead me to become a Master Angler with Fishing’s Future.  It’s just another way for me to share my love of “passing it on” to others. 

The Clinton Lake Reservoir is near Lawrence, KS where I was born and raised.   I now live a short drive from Lawrence in Baldwin City with my husband Jason of almost 14 years and my two step children, Adam & Olivia.   

Some of my earliest memories are fishing with my grandpa, uncles and siblings.    (I have 11 brothers & sisters!)  They are very special times that I can remember very fondly with my family.   Although Adam & Olivia are now almost 19 & 21 and aren’t “children” anymore, Jason and I still love our fishing outings as a family.  Passing along what my grandpa passed down to me and enjoying the outdoors. 

The Clinton State Park Fishing’s Future Chapter is fairly new.   We host an annual Outdoor Kids Day the second Saturday in August each year.  In 2017 we will celebrate our 14th annual event.  Since partnering with Fishing’s Future and becoming our own Chapter, we have seen even more attendance to our events. Thanks to Fishing’s Future, 25 volunteers and other sponsors in 2016 we had 125 in attendance with their siblings, parents or grandparents.  When you are near a large city you have to compete with other events, so we were very pleased with the turn out. 

We have plans to add 2 or 3 additional events to our event calendars in 2017.   We will post them here on the Fishing’s Future website, our partnering KDWPT Clinton State Park News page and our Facebook Pages.
Sherri Withers
Clinton State Park Chapter President / Coordinator

Fishing’s Future, Master Angler

Clinton State Park, Administrative Specialist / NAI Interpretive Guide

Sherri Withers, Administrative Specialist

Lawrence, KS