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Stuart Scott

Stu’s first memories of fishing like many people start with his Dad taking him fishing.  Of course, being one of 5 sons, when ever his Dad loaded up the boys to go hunting or fishing he had his hands full.  His Dad never let one of his sons hunt with the rest until he had properly educated that son.   So for the first few years of hunting, Stu was in the field alone with his Dad.  At the time he felt isolated from his brothers, but as he looks back he only remembers a special time when he had his Dad all to himself.

Stu’s fondest memories of fishing would have to be the family trips to Minnesota.  Mom, Dad, brothers, Aunts, Uncles and too many cousins to count, all fishing for pike, walleye, crappie, and smallmouth bass five miles from the Canadian border. 

As an adult he has tried to pass on his love of fishing.   He has taught his three kids to fish and many other kids of friends and relatives.  Once at his wife’s family reunion he tried to make sure every little relative caught a fish.  He remembers Ida’s catch the best.  The joy on her face as she pulled a little sunfish from Table Rock Lake.  Then the screams and the crying after he released what she thought was a new pet to take home.

Stu is uncomfortable with the term Master Angler.  He has fly fished for rainbow trout in the mountains of Colorado, caught crappie in the Midwest, northern pike along the Canadian border, and king mackerel off the cost of Florida.  But no matter where he went, he always seemed to be in the company of some one better at fishing than himself.  Even though he has never thought himself as a “master” he has never let his ability or lack of ability stand in the way of his love of fishing.

Stu is currently employed as a Park Ranger for Harvey County, in Kansas.   He loves being outside where he gets to be almost everyday at work.  He works to make the park fun and safe, and hopefully the fishing better.

Newton, KS