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Support Fishing's Future

Dear Friend -

When you donate to Fishing’s Future, you are guaranteeing that others will have an opportunity to experience something fresh and new.  You are actively supporting your belief that "FAMILIES" are important, that kids need to play outside, and that learning about conservation and keeping our earth green and clean is the responsibility of every human.

Fishing’s Future provides opportunities for families to reconnect to nature and learn about angling through family-oriented fishing activities designed to strengthen family bonds and teach responsible, ethical, environmentally-conscious lessons.  Fishing’s Future does not charge for these services and relies strictly on donations and community support.

Fishing’s Future lives through your donations and every dollar you give goes directly for the delivery of Family Fish Camps, equipment, and other angling outreach activities.  Your support ensures that all Family Fish Camps will remain OPEN & FREE to all families and that quality equipment will be available to heighten each fishing experience.

Giving the gift of fishing to a youngster or assisting in the strengthening of family bonds through an educational family fishing experience is a gift that will live for generations. This is what Fishing’s Future does and this is what your donation will allow us to continue.

 Thank you for considering Fishing's Future as one of your charities to support,

Shane Wilson


Fishing’s Future is a national non-profit 501 c3 corporation and your donation is tax deductible.