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Tad Biggs

“Tad” H.W. Biggs, II is a native of Missouri and enjoys the abundant outdoor opportunities the state has to offer whether fishing or hiking. Tad was named after his father “Froggie” Hubert Biggs He grew up catching bait and fishing alongside his family and friends in the creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes in Missouri. Tad and wife Diane both believe that it is our responsibility to educate children to be responsible stewards of the earth. Tad’s goal is to pass on to the next generation of kids the love of fishing as well as educating them on the joys of the outdoors.

Tad is currently active as a Boy Scouts of America Certified Angling Instructor and the BSA Greater St. Louis Area Council Fishing Committee Chair. He and  son Calvin spend their spare time instructing the youth and adults of the Greater St. Louis area on how to fish. Tad is responsible for creating the Cub Scout Angler Education Day event which is now the sixth module of the Cub Scout Fishing Program.

“Teach a kid only how to fish and they will be back playing on their phone within thirty minutes. Teach a kid to experience nature all around him, how to build their own rod, catch their own bait, read the ripples in the water, know what fish they are fishing for, and how to prepare what they have caught will hook them for life.”  Tad


Shrewsbury, MO