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tool made from broken rod

Submitted by Stu on Sat, 01/07/2017 - 2:38pm

I have been re-purposing my broken rods from Fishing's Future, along with ones I find at work at my park. Usually it is the tip of the rod that is broken, which is fine, I only want the handle half anyway.

On two piece rods I toss the top half and save the bottom. On a one piece rod, I cut the rod down to cane length.  On some two piece rods, the bottom half has a solid end and the top half is hollow. On these I have to cut the end of the bottom half. For this to work I need a hollow end. 

Then using a round head wood or sheet metal screw I attach a large washer to the end of the bottom half of the rod.  The trick is to find a screw that is small enough to screw into the hollow end of the rod but not so big that it splits it.  On occasions I have add a little JB Weld to get the proper fit.

The washer hole has to be smaller that the screw head of course.  Usually the washer will slide between the head of the screw and the closest eye still on the rod. 

I'm sure you are wondering why I would do all this.  Well I hate bending over, so I use this rod with the washer on the end to scoop up back yard bass. The washer will catch under the v-shaped notch on top of the fish and with a forward motion of the rod I can scoop up the fish. It also works good for adjusting the fish on the ground to make sure they face the correct direction.  

My first idea was to attach one of those fishing plugs to a metal wire, but the washer on the end of a fishing rod proved much easier.