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Wendi Howard

Wendi grew up in rural Oklahoma where bare feet, cane poles, and jug lines were as much a part of summertime as skinned knees and homemade ice cream. Fishing was serious business to the menfolk of her family, with no room for chatty, active little girls. But her Great Aunt Bobbie would load the cousins up every chance she got and haul them out to the pond to catch crawdads, frogs, and sunfish. As she grew up she never forgot the feeling of excitement that came with pulling up a catfish on a jug line or reeling in those tiny fish that felt huge in her small hands.

When Wendi had children she wanted them to experience that same excitement she had enjoyed as a little girl. To learn how hot sun, cool water, the pull of the line, wind in her hair, and the delightful exhaustion that comes from a day outside can form perfect memories. But she didn’t know how. Using the internet as a resource and tormenting every fisherman she could get her hands on she pieced together enough info to be able to take her kids fishing. She was delighted to find out about Fishing’s Future. “The Family Fish Camp provides a parent or grandparent with everything they need to know to get their kids fishing. How could I not want to be a part of that?!”

Wendi is a Wilderness Advanced EMT, a SOLO Wilderness First Aid and First Responder instructor, hiker, backpacker and kayaker. She is dedicated to the principles of “No Child Left Inside”, and an advocate for the National Wildlife Federation’s “Be Out There” campaign. She is also a Commercial Free Childhood “Screen Free Week” Organizer. Wendi home schools her four children and loves introducing kids to the great outdoors.

Apache, OK