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2017 National Youth CPR Contest Entries

Alex Ramer
My Dad and I went to Forest Park Fish Hatchery for the "CPR" Program to learn about the different types of fish during the Catch, Photo and Release Contest.
My Dad is Assistant Den Leader for Den 10 Pack 425 and I am a Wolf Scout in Den 10 Pack 425. I learned how to install a bobber stop, bobber, swivel, bead weights and make a leader line to attach the hook to the swivel. After casting my line, we sat and waited while watching the bobber. I seen the bobber start to move as the fish were nibbling on the bait and all the sudden it went under. I grabbed my rod and gently started reeling in and the fish took the bait, I tugged and it hooked the fish. As I reeled it in I could see it was a small fish about 6 inches long, It was a Bluegill. I held up my catch to get my picture taken then My Dad showed me how to gently remove the hook and release the fish back into the water as I watched the fish swim off really fast.
After checking to see if the bait was still good, I casted out again and shortly after I caught another fish, a Bluegill, it was about the same size as the first one I caught. We took another picture and released the fish back into the water then cast back out again. I had lots of fun today and was excited to catch some fish today. Afterwards My Dad and I ate a hotdog and rehydrated with a bottle of water before Heading back home. It was an exciting day and I look forwards to fishing more this summer.
Caleb Brown
I was fishing on the pier and nobody was catching anything. I kept watching my rod tip and evertime it would bend I would jump up. Finally my rod bent really hard and I jerked my pole and reeled in fast. I was so excited to catch my first fish of the day!
Kaleb Mashke
I was fishing at a little pond at a local nature center for an O.K. Kids Day event. I know it isn't technically a fish but it was fun to catch a frog that big. It weighed about two or three pounds. I was standing on the edge of the bank with a 10 foot cane pole and held the string down over the edge. I had other people help me to find the right spot because I couldn't really see it from there. Once it took the worm and hook the frog went crazy it hopped all over so it was hard to get him pulled in. I had to have some help to get him under control. I hollered at my mom that I got a frog and she grab her camera and ran to me to take a photo. It did not want to open his mouth so a guy that was helping with the fishing clinic had to pull the hook out. After everyone got to see him and my mom got plenty of pictures I got to release him back into the water and see him swim off.
Brenlyn Richmond
I got a big Largemouth Bass! They like to go after shiny things in the water, so I had to cast & reel in my lure several times before I caught one. I even got it out of the water all by myself! It was so exciting! My dad helped get it off the hook so my mom could take a picture and we released it back into Harvey County East Lake. I can't wait to go fishing again!!
Blake Bell
Hello my name is Blake and I'm 4 years old, 5 in July. I love it when my dad takes me fishing! I wanted to share my favorite picture when my dad taught me how to remove the hook after I caught a little bass. I can't wait to go fishing again!

-Teach a boy to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime

Damon Armenta
So when i caught this smallmouth I was pretty excited. I saw two and the smaller one took it first. My bait of choice was a pumpkin green flake senco. My location was stansburry park Utah.
Cypress Neve
My family went to O.K in beavers bend for Christmas.I got my rod from my uncle.It was a Quatum Bill Dance special Edition medium-light action spinning rod.

Then a year ago my family went to South Padre Island.The second day me and my family went swimming and I brought my rod.I was using a silver spoon. I had a fish on and it came off.It happened two other times.Then I finally got a lady fish on and I walked back to shore and got the hook out of the fish's mouth. I was so excited because that was my first fish with that rod and it is my first saltwater fish in my life.
Kooper Williamas
I was at a Cub Scout fishing derby. I was fishing for Blue Gill and catfish. My dad said "Kooper, your pole!" I grabbed the pole and had to fight it while reeling it in. I got it in and I took a picture. Then I brought it up to the table to measure it. I took it back down to the lake and I released it into the lake. I casted my bait, then another fish bit and I really had to fight it to get in. I brought it in, my dad netted it and I kept fishing for Blue Gill until he brought it up and released it back into the lake. Even though it was bigger then this one he didn't get a picture. I won the biggest catfish catagory at my fishing derby. I even caught 70 little Blue Gill! I had so much fun with my dad and friends fishing! I can't wait until next year!!
Griffin Nelson
Griffin and I were on an adventure walking down stream from a fishing honey hole of ours. Along the way we seen many different birds, animals and caught some fish including this beautiful Smallmouth Bass. Most of all we spent time outdoors together and had an amazing day together.
Colby Brown
I had caught two little fish telling myself that wasn't good enough I had 5 fishing poles out starring like a hawk at each one. The wind from the ocean wasn't helping it made me nervous but than I saw a real bite I quickly ran over to the third pole and jerked it hard. I knew there was a big one on it. It took me about 2 minutes to reel it in. I caught a nice size whiting. Everyone else wasn't catching much so once I took it to the scale it weighed 13 oz and I had the top fish of the tournament but It was only 30 minutes in so every 10 mins I would check the leaderboard and I stayed on for the rest of the tournament. I won a ocean rod and a plaque.i had a great day fishing.
Kailey McClellan
I was camping with my family at Starvation reservoir we were camping right on the lake and had just gotten there. I decided to walk down to the water with my new rod. After a few casts I caught this beautiful rainbow trout. It put up a good fight before I finally landed it.
Patty Greever
My daughter, Patty was fishing at Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri for rainbow trout.
She stood in 54 degree waste deep water for an hour when her line got tangled, so I was fixing her line and told her to use my rod and reel. Next thing I know she is yelling with excitement and landed a 2lb 8 oz rainbow on a four pound test line. Nothing compares to your little girl loving the outdoors. We got a picture and released the trout back into the stream.
JT Greever
My son and I like to fish this small creek here in NW Missouri for little catfish.
Local farm asked how we where doing, but we had just started so nothing yet as we had just put the lines in.
Spending the afternoon on the bridge with my son was a great day, but became better when he set the hook on this 2lb 12oz channel cat. My sons not big for his age, but managed to pull this cat up about twenty foot to the top of the bridge.
We got a picture, and released the fish back to the water.
The best part of the pic, is how my son is holding the fish away from him to make it look bigger then it is. LOL
Kooper Williams
I was fishing under a bridge. I was catching some Blue Gill. The Blue Gill were small and little. My dad told me my pole was moving. I went to grab it and I caught this catfish. I kept on catching Blue Gill until I put new bait on. Then I casted back out and I wasn't fishing for Blue Gill. While I waited I was playing a game of putting some rocks on another rock. Then I went back to catching Blue Gill again. I also caught a Large Mouth Bass but it was a little one. I had a good day, it was fun and me and my dad caught some Blue Gill. I don't know when I will go but I can't wait to go again this week! I hope we can go out on the boat real soon but if we don't it's ok because I love fishing any where!
Kooper Williams
I was catching blue gill with my dad. There was a big fish at the bottom swimming around. I tried to catch it with wax worms like I was doing with the blue gill. I put a night crawler on and tried to catch it with that but it did not want to eat it. So I went back to fishing for Blue Gill again. I caught a bunch of them. I was reeling in another one and the big fish came out from under the pier and ate my blue gill as I was reeling it in. I reeled it in and it was a largemouth bass. I took a picture with it. We released it and I tried to catch a different bass but it didn't bite. That was the bestest bass I ever caught because it was a good fighter and my biggest one! I want to catch another one!
Edi Arneecher Farm day fun!
Michael Leas Jr
Michael jr and dad out camping and fishing for the weekend. We proceed to go on a 13 mile canoe trip the following day. I would like to share more photos. Let me know how I can do so.
Keiron Langston
I only had about an hour to fish and I begged my mom to take me fishing before my brother’s baseball game. She said okay and we went to a local public fishing lake. After a while of fishing I got bored and cast my plastic worm out and notice some bluegills so I grabbed my net and tried to scoop up bluegills and then release them for fun. I tried really hard but didn't catch anything in my net but seaweed. Then my line that was in the water went tight so I thought that I was drifting backward dragging my worm on the bottom but actually I was getting pulled by the bass in the photo in my kayak. I grabbed my pole and lifted it up then I felt tugging and set the hook then I went on a journey around the small lake while the bass pulled me and I got him in my net and paddle all the way to were my mom was and I left the fish in the net in the water and got photos and then released the fish back into the water to live another day.
Kaylene Rogers
My entire family went fishing with our friends for father's day. We first went to lake Olathe in the morning. We didn't catch anything so we enjoyed our picnic and went home. Then in the early evening we went to cedar lake to try again. We had so much fun casting our lines. We were all catching fish, except my brother caught a cup. I was getting my line in the water, then I would run around the grass with the 2 year old baby and play, mom and dad watched my bobber. Then they told me when they thought I had a fish. I had lots of worm thieves before I finally caught one. I have autism and I don't keep my attention much, but mom and dad and friends let me have fun when we go fishing, so it is never boring. I love to go fishing now.
Kaya Williams
I was at the McHenry Dam on Saturday fishing with my family.. I was trying to catch some catfish. My dad helped me cast my pole out so I didn’t get stink bait everywhere! My dad took my brother to the bathroom. Then a little while later, when they were walking back, my mom and I saw the pole move. So I got up from my chair and went to the pole and waited for it to move again. Once it moved again, I picked it up and started reeling it in. When I was reeling it in, it was sort of easy but sort of hard. After that my brother came running to get the net to net the catfish. We like to help each other that way. It was really fun to do. I can’t wait until I get another catfish. I hope the next catfish I get is even bigger! I caught a lot of fish that day.
Caroline Brown
I caught this fish all by myself. My daddy took me fishing and my rod bent and I pulled real hard. I reeled it in and then let it go so it could swim with it's brothers and sisters in the ocean.
Riley Pate
Mom took me and my brother and his girlfriend to Petite Jean to go hiking before my brother had to leave to go to basic training for the army for the summer. I knew there was a little creek that flowed by the trail so I packed my mini fishing pole and some of my favorite jigs in my backpack that I was going to carry. I knew if the water was running good that I wanted to fish. As we hiked along the trail I put my fishing pole together and a jig on it and I threw out my pole. I caught a bunch of bream, goggle eyes, and a few bass. This was a big goggle eye one. It was bigger than my hand. Some people saw it and thought it was cool. It sure was fun and pretty. I love fishing! I want to go back and fish some more.
Molly Lombardi
Our Girl Scout Service Unit (620) was having a Twilight Camp in the Kansas City Area. We had a great fisherman helping us bait the hook and catch the fish. We had almost 150 girls at the camp. The camp lasted for three nights. I was one of the teen leaders since I was going to high school in the Fall. So many kids caught fish. I heard that we were catching a lot so on the last night, my group of girls were going to be at the lake. I don't like to bait the hook so Bill did it for me. I actually caught three fish. This picture is of me with one of them. I didn't kiss the fish like some of the girls did. It was a lot of fun! We threw the fish back into the lake. Funny, you would think that the fish would get tired of getting hooked.
Joslyn Rodriguez
I came to Ironwooods Park with the Girl Scouts Twilight camp and we went fishing. First we had to listen to all the rules about fishing so no-one would get hurt. And then we got to see pictures of different kinds of fish. Then they gave each of us a fishing pole with a spinning reel. I was so excited to show everyone that I knew how to cast a fishing pole. My mommy helped me put a worm on my fishing pole, then I casted out my pole. I had to wait awhile for a fish to eat my worm, then my bobber went under the water. So I pulled my pole really hard and started reeling in the fish. It was really hard to reel the line. I caught a bluegill with a beautiful orange tummy. I really like going fishing with my dad, mom, sister, and my cousin Luis too.
Kooper Williams
We went to a park and we were fishing. The pole was moving so I grabbed it. I started to reel it in and it was fighting me. It kept pulling my line out everytime I got it closer it would pull again. The pole was really bent on top. My dad was holding on to me because it felt like it was going to pull me in the water. I finally got it all the way in and my dad netted it. I was very happy because I have never caught a fish like this before. A bunch of people were watching and smiling at me when I caught the fish. I also got to see 3 turtles jump into the river. They looked like they were doing cannonballs when they went in! A Crane sat on a tree across the river from me. I got to see lots of animals and it was my biggest fish yet and my first Carp.
Grace Whisler
There is nothing like the sound of water moving through a creek, slowly and gently rolling over the rocks as the current moves around, the fish lying in wait for a snack to come along. Being persistent, you throw the line out again, always hoping and knowing this could be the cast that leads to the thrill of "Fish On!" Finally, this is the one cast you have been waiting on. The tug at the end of the line and the fight to shore as you reel in the prized fish! As you bring the fish to shore, your excitement amounts to something incredible. Now, at last, the fish is in the net, in your hand, and in your memories. There are many things I will never forget, but the thrill of catching this nice rainbow trout is one of the greatest! A photo, a smile, and then gently back into the creek. I think the catch is important to and the release is important, too. I want to see another kid have the same experience and feel the thrill like I did. Enjoy the catch, capture the photo, release the fish, and keep the memory!

Grace Whisler
Cason Ledford
This boy has many hobbies baseball basketball etc... but the outdoors is his passion!! We had a long day of baseball ahead of us but Cason wanted to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go fishing. We had an awesome morning catching well over 30 bass in a 30 acre pond with this one being his biggest of the day weighing in just over 5lb. Happy to see him have the same passion as I do and feel really proud to know that he will one day pass it on to his children one day!
Riley Pate
Mom took me to Crooked Creek in Yellville. It's nice and gentle flowing. First, we floated the creek in a canoe, but we didn't take our fishing poles because we knew we would end up flipping over and we didn't want to lose our poles, and of course, we saw some big fish when we didn't have our poles. After we got back from floating, we took out wading in the water and along the banks. The first time I threw out my pole I didn't get anything, but the second time I threw out I landed a good size small mouth bass. He gave me a little fight, but I brought him in. Although my dad argues that he got the biggest one of the day, I'm pretty sure my fish was the biggest catch of the day and I have a picture to prove it. Plus, my Mom got it on video.
Margaret Bonnet
This picture is from the first time I ever went fishing. I went with my girl scout troop at Twilight camp and I caught 5 fish. They were called "blue gills". When we were going fishing all the girl scouts in my group caught fish. At first I didn't catch any, and then I was patient and a volunteer helped me and I caught 5 fish in a row. I learned about the kinds of fish I can catch, and I learned that I wasn't going to catch a cat fish. I used a part of a worm for bait, my mom put it on the hook for me. I was so excited I told my Uncle and my Grandpa and they are going to buy me a fishing rod and take me fishing again. Next time I go fishing I want to catch a big fish so that my Uncle and my Grandpa can be surprised.
Margaret Bonnet
I caught this fish the first time I ever went fishing. This was the most beautiful fish I ever saw, I had never gotten to see a fish this close up before. I caught 5 fish when I went fishing with my girl scout troop. This was the smallest fish I caught. I got to touch the fish and I thought it felt nice. After my mom took the picture the volunteer helped me to take the fish off the hook and we put the fish back in the water so it could grow bigger. I hope this fish grows bigger and has lots of fish babies. I want to go fishing again so I can catch a fish that is big enough to eat. I want to get a fishing rod that is smaller and that is pink so that I can hold it better and my Uncle and Grandpa are going to take me fishing.
Jordan Brown
This is my first year of fishing! My cousin Brian started getting me into it and I have loved it very much. I always go fishing either at my aunt and uncles farm or my neighberhood ponds. I usually like to fish for bass. I like to catch and release and just snap a photo. I was fishing at the farm and about a 6 pounder came around and got hooked on my crankbait and wrapped around some brush and broke my line!!

I really want to go to lake Yahola and fish for sand bass and sawgeye. I'm slowly building my collection of tackle and lures. The bass in my pond usually like the crankbait or spinner bait. I also have a few packages of finess worms and a frog. I've really enjoyed fishing this year and I can't wait to continue on with my fishing!
Calvin Biggs
The fish in the picture is not just mine, but my cousin Wes's as well. Tonight while I was helping my dad, I was able to teach my cousin how to fish. This is his first fish he caught with my help. Together we caught six bluegill and Wes was really excited and wanted to fish more but had to go home to eat dinner. This will be a memory we can both share forever.
Wesley Van Slyke
Wesley is three so I will transcribe what he told me. " Fishing is fun. I caught 6 (he is holding up 6 fingers) with my cousin. Meemaw let me touch a fish."
Sophie Matos
This picture says it all! This was her first catch with her first fishing pole, and she was beyond excited. We had many nibbles from tiny fish, but none were big enough to fully hook themselves. We tried spot after spot till we found a little rock overhang that looked promising. After casting her line in I handed her the pole. When that lure was just about to leave the water, the fish jumped on it and gave a nice fight! Since then she has learned so much about fishing and how to cast her line all by herself. As an avid fisher myself, it was a tremendous joy to share this experience with her and have her be able to join in on future fishing trips.
Austin Houston
Austin Houston (11) of Pottsboro, TX with is Catch and Release State Record "Green Sunfish" he caught while fishing in the family's Grayson Co. Farm pond. Austin was using a chartreuse crappie jig. Austin's fish was weighed on certified scales at Eisenhower State Park by TPWD officials and was later released back into the pond from which it was caught. Austin received 7 award certificates from TPWD for his big catch.
Jentry Webb
She caught this fish all by herself on an old fashioned cane pole. I baited the hook and put it in the water and turned around to cast my pole. When I turned back around she had pulled this little fish out of the water, still not sure how if even bit the hook lol. Her big brother came running over saying "Sissy you did it, I'm so proud of you" then he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I'm just glad I has time to get my phone out to capture this sweet memory.
Wyatt Webb
We went to a kids only fishing pond at the state park at Keystone Lake. It was our daughters first time to go fishing. Her big brother Wyatt wanted to help show her how to fish. He patted the rock next to him and told her to sit down. This was the sweetest picture and gorgeous scenery.
Gavin Theisen
Last week I went fishing at Flaming Gorge with my daddy and Grandpa. My daddy goes fishing every year there with my Grandpa. This year I got to go during my summer break from school. I was excited to go fishing with my dad and grandpa. It was a long drive but I didn't get car sick. The truck and my dog helped a lot. The first day we went for a drive in the mountains. My grandpa drove us to a lake in the mountains and we went shore fishing. We were fishing with big, squirmy worms for trout. I caught and released the most fish; even more than my dad and Grandpa. Even my dog was excited to see this fish. The water was really high and cold but I had fun playing in the water too with my dog. The next day we got up really early and went fishing at Flaming Gorge for bigger fish. We caught some and I didn't get sick. My dog had a lot of fun on the boat. I look forward to my next fishing trip at Flaming Gorge next summer.
Jayce Kohls
This catch photo release was taken at Pillsbury Crossing in Manhattan, KS. I caught this largemouth bass in the waterfall while fishing with two of my good friends. The best part of the trip was the memories made fishing with my two buddies that are interested in learning to bass fish. This small Kansas creek has so many cool things to explore including the waterfall and walking the flat rock river crossing. I go into my fishing trips with the mindset of "having fun, learning, and CATCHING MEMORIES is what fishing is really all about". The bonus to this trip was catching my personal best creek bass and celebrating the catch with my friends while capturing it on film. I had so much fun on this trip and wanted to share my love of fishing with others so we put together a video of our day in hopes of sharing with others and giving a few tips from our experience.
Gavin Henshaw
We fished at strawberry in the morning on my grandpas pontoon boat and and we did not catch any fish then it it started to rain so we headed back to the dock so I decided to cast out a line I was using powerbait and I waited for a fish to bite and I saw my line move so I picked up my rod and set the hook and reeled in the rainbow he was a little over 4 pounds
Caroline Brown
I was fishing at the Folly Beach, SC pier. Everybody around me was fishing and my rod started bending and I reeled in this fish. My daddy gave me a high five and I was so happy to catch a fish.
Kaylene Rogers
My mom took me to bass pro shops for the family summer camp classes. They had a catch and release pond. I have it a try and as soon as my line went into the water, I caught a fish! It was exciting but it hastened so fast I want sure what to think of it all. I have autism so sometimes I don't understand things very well. So I wee t to the summer camp class, mom bought me my very own tent too! I wanted to try the fishing again, so we did. The second time it took longer, about 5 minutes, but it was fun and exciting! My parents and bass pro has shown me that fishing can be lots of fun! I can't washout until our next fishing trip.
Madison Smith
Me and my dad went out on the boat fishing the Arkansas River in Webbers Falls Oklahoma​. I was the only one that caught anything all day. I caught two and let them both go after dad took this picture. It was fun fishing with my dad and can't wait​ to go again.
Kyler Pope
I caught this fish while visiting my grandparents cabin in the mountains. My cousin and I went fishing almost everyday. I love to fish and now hooked for life.
Caroline Brown
I had a fun day fishing with my brother. It was hot outside and we went swimming and then I wanted to go fishing. I put the worm on the hook all by myself and waited for my bobber to go down and caught this bluegill.
Ryker Olsen
Fishing has always been more than just a sport to me. It doesn't matter how many fish, (if any at all) or how big they are, you always have a good time. Today was no exception. Almost every year, for the Fourth of July, our family goes to Causey Reservoir. This year, I brought my pole and tackle box with me. My dad quickly caught on to my idea and brought his as well. Everyone else would very much rather go swimming, but not me and my dad! (well, he did both simultaneously) At first I tried a couple casts with a spinner, but I quickly realized, The fish are going to be a lot closer to the bottom because of swimmers and kayaks. When I reeled it in, My dad just finished tying his line. I asked him what color of powerboat he was using, and he said chartreuse (that's the only color he ever uses) And I put on pink because it works almost every time. I casted it out, waited for it to sink, then went a couple yards away to sit under the only shade available. Once I sit down, I look up, and my pole was moving! I ran over and set the hook. At first, I thought I missed him because of how little he fought. I got him to shore and he ended up being about 6-7 inches. That was the only fish we caught all day, but still, anything is better than no fish! All in all, it was a day well spent!
Emma Baldwin
My First Fish

I caught my first fish on May 14, 2017. It was Mother’s Day and my mother wanted to go fishing in the pond behind our house because we never do. Fifteen minutes later, I came outside to fish with her. We chatted with each other, enjoying the sunshine. Then my brother came out. We all fished together, then my brother started doing it wrong. He, my mom, and my dad started fighting while I continued fishing. While they were fighting, I was focusing on my fishing pole. Soon, it was hard to reel in. I started yelling at my parents. Finally I pulled the fish out of the water. I continued yelling until I got their attention. They turned and they start congratulating me. My parents took pictures and we left it go.

100+ Words
Aiden Abodeely
Caught this beauty at Grandpa and Grandma's house on Lake Madison in South Dakota on the 4th of July. One of many fish caught that day including bullheads, perch, bluegills, smallmouth bass, and of course, silver bass.
Aiden Abodeely
Perfect start to the 4th of July weekend. Just arrived at Grandpa and Grandma's house on Lake Madison, South Dakota and caught this small mouth bass within the first 20 minutes. After that we knew it was going to be a good week of fishing.
Aiden Abodeely
Second smallmouth bass within the first half hour of fish on Lake Madison at Grandpa and Grandma's house over the 4th of July. After this fish he didn't want to leave the dock for the rest of the weekend.
Jett Abodeely
Jett's first fish ever is this bluegill he caught at the Cabela's fishing derby in Kansas City, Kansas. He was so excited. it was the first of several fish he caught during the derby.
Jett Abodeely
Jett pulling in this nice little bluegill with the assist from his brother at Cabela's fishing derby in Kansas City, KS. After catching a few of this little guys, he was hooked on fishing!
Jett Abodeely
Jett caught his nice bullhead at Grandpa and Grandma's house on Lake Madison in South Dakota over the 4th of July. It was one of several fish he would catch including bluegill, smallmouth bass, a carp, and of course, bullheads!
Alexander Neuhaus
My name is Alex and I am 3 years old. After many days of begging my mom to take me "fish poling", as I call it, she took me and my brothers to an O.K. Kids event in Rosehill, Ks. We got to do a lot of fun things while we were there but my favorite part was the guys from Fishing's Future helping us catch fish in the local pond. I couldn't wait to go fishing and even got a little impatient and had a bit of an attitude when I was told I had to wait my turn. When it was my turn though I was super happy and I ran down to the dock to get my pole. The nice guys from Fishing's Future had it all set up just waiting for me and I was super excited to catch a fish before either one of my brothers. I was so excited to catch more fish I had my mom throw this one back in for me so I could get right back to it and not miss any second of the limited time I had to fish.
Johnathan Neuhaus
Hello, I am Johnathan and I am 7 years old. I love catching fish but not smiling for the camera so much. My mom had taken us over to a family friend's house so we could fish in their pond and it was awesome. We had cows walking around us and we caught lots of fish even my mom caught a couple of them. I am not sure who caught the most but this one was special because I caught it the very same time my mom caught hers. I got to spend time practicing how to cast all by my self and learning how to get my self unstuck when I cast into a tree. My little brother wasn't so good at casting because he hit me in the head with his bobber but I didn't mind much I just kept right on fishing. I can't wait till we can go back there and fish again.
Reed Kotalik
This sun perch was a very special catch. Reed had taken his poles, tackle box, and bait to a local neurorecovery center to spend time with his friend, Grant Milton, who is a patient at the facility. Reed was excited to that the center had a pond for catch and release fishing that patients can enjoy with family/friends. Grant is undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation following a traumatic brain injury that he sustained in a high school football playoff game (last November). Before the injury, Grant played a variety of sports but he also loved to fish with friends.

Grant was in his wheelchair on the dock while Reed cast for both of them. This picture is the first of five fish that were caught and released. They weren't the biggest of fish but being able to sit on the dock with Grant and enjoy those quiet moments together, fishing by the pond, was a memory that Reed will forever treasure. Reed looks forward to more of these outings with Grant in the future.

Reed has also decided that if he is a prize winner in this contest that he will give Grant the prize. Reed's biggest wish is that Grant fully recovers so he can venture off in boats again for more salt water fishing with friends.
Madison Patton
I was fishing with my dad at Skiatook Lake. We drove down a rocky road to go fishing. My dad said it was a good spot and he used to hunt not to far from there. I caught 6 fish. It was really fun! I got a new big pole and it was my first time being able to fish with it. My new bobbers jingle. My dad says early in the morning there is a lot of deer and scorpions here and that sometimes people camp here. There was a lot of trash and broken glass so we had to be really careful. This was the first time I caught 6 fish. I think it was because of my new pole. It is my lucky pole. We were supposed to go fishing on Father's day in Bartlesville at Swan Lake but my dad's car broke down. So he came down today for a make-up day.
Judd Belnap
Every year me and my family go to Montana and stay at a campground near Hebgen Lake. The first few mornings were not very good fishing so me, my brother, and dad decided to change it up and take our pontoon boats to a different spot and fly fish. We out our pontoons in the water and started kicking our way out to the spot we wanted to be which was quite a ways. I finally made it to the spot right where my dad told me I should be ( always listen to your dad as long as it has to do with fishing) and just a couple minutes after i had a big hit right in front of both my Dad and Brother who had not caught anything. The fish was taking line so I could tell it was big. My Dad then came over on the wave runner which he was fishing on to come net the fish. I got him close to my Dad for the first time (and missed) then the second time (and missed) then obviously third times the charm and got it the third time. It was a big brown. Finally got that big guy on the chain and got off to fishing again. Then my Dad left. (I assume because I had caught one and he hadn't) Just minutes later I had another big hit. Then realed him in and attempted to net him soon to realize I could barely fit him in my tiny plastic net. I finally got him after thinking I was going to lose him. He was another big brown! Don't be fooled it was all downhill from there. I lost the fly I caught the browns on. Soon after my brother caught his line in th motor. This is why I need a trip to the islands.
Layne Whisler
Our morning on Dry Run Creek (Arkansas) was good so far and we were catching quite a few trout, but the bigger ones were breaking off because we were using a light tippet, so Dad doubled it and I went back to fishing. Suddenly I felt a tug on my line and it felt like rock, then my line took off down river and the fish started jumping clear out of the water. By the time it jumped the second time I noticed I had a big brown trout. It ran both upstream and downstream and put up a good fight, but we finally got it to the net. We got a few pictures, but then my Dad took off with the net because my sister had one on. I stayed in the water and revived it while my Mom took pictures. After that I let it go and it moved to the faster current and then went into the deep water and that’s when I knew I just made a fly fishing experience I would never forget. It feels good to know that trout is still swimming in the stream for another young angler to catch! #FishingsFuture
Grace Whisler
I never expected this beautiful cutthroat trout in my #FishingsFuture, but I couldn’t be more excited from this special experience. As the end of the rod starts to dip and sway, you can’t always know what you are about to reel in. The fly line running through my fingers as the fish comes closer to shore and the beautiful colors of the fish sparkling in the water. Gently, I pull the trout toward shore as the fish gets swiftly scooped into the net. Another special fishing trip to Dry Run Creek leading to a fun catch, a quick photo, and a gentle release as I turn back to the water. I hold the fish in the current and wait for it’s surge of energy. Soon enough, a quick pulse of the tail and it is off on its way back into this spectacular stream once again.
Jayce Kohls
This largemouth bass was one of the most fun catches I've ever had. I caught it from a dock fishing a frog lure...the fish crushed it! I love fishing at different lakes around Kansas, trying out different lures and baits in all different conditions. That morning, my mom and I headed to northern Kansas to fish this lake that I had wanted to visit for quite awhile. The day started out cool and a little rainy. We had a 65 degree afternoon, mid-summer! It took about two hours for this first catch! Sure was worth the wait. We searched out other shore fishing spots throughout the day and caught a few more bass. Our last lake stop of the day did not disappoint. My mom caught a spotted bass and a nice wiper which were fun catches for her. Then, on my very last cast of the day, I caught one more fish! We were able to make a video of the release and a wrap up of our day. This is definitely a day I won't forget!
Beau Stevenson
Beau is a very serious fisherman! He will sit in the back of the truck and cast for hours. This particular fishing trip was in Galveston, TX on vacation with his moms, brother and cousin. I (his mom) was sitting on the pier watching him talk to a man in his 50s all about fishing, impressed that he knew so much! All of the sudden you could tell he had a huge fish on the line! The man just stood there encouraging him to stay with it instead of taking the pole. Beau kept with it and after a few minutes... success!!
Austin Houston
Austin Houston caught this white bass while fishing with his family on Lake Texoma
Judah Neve
One time I went on vacation to my cousin’s house. I go fishing a lot with Cayden and Mason. THey are 13 and 11 years old. I caught my biggest fish with them. It was a catfish we caught from a boat on Lake Ray Hubbard. It was huge. I caught it last year. On this trip I caught a largemouth bass. Large mouth are my favorite because they fight so hard. I caught it in a neighborhood pond in Rockwall. I used a black spinning rod with a worm and bobber. I don’t like putting the hook on the hook because I hate pulling the worm apart. I was so excited! I had so much fun there. There was an island in the middle of the pond. I was catching small perch. I love visiting my cousins because we always go fishing, even on Christmas. It is always fun catching big fish with them!
Cy Neve
I was with my cousins in Rockwall.We were at my cousin’s grandma’s house.My cousins are named Mason and Caden.They had a pond behind the yard.We had access to the pond.Before we had dinner we went to fishing at the pond.My brother was catching little sunfish with worms and he had a bobber on too.We were using the little sunfish my brother caught.We tied a balloon for a bobber and we had a circle hook with a sunfish on it.I was waiting...and then my balloon went down.I reeled it in and we didn’t know what it was.My uncle told us it was a white crappie and he was right !Because black crappie have 7 to 9 dorsal fins.White crappie have 4 to 5 dorsal fins.It’s my largest white crappie in a pond.It was fun at that pond.
Kaya Williams
One day, I went to Long Lake fishing with my dad and brother. We got there, we put our poles out and cast them out. Then we ate the lunch we had packed. After awhile my dad started fishing with a bobber so my brother did it too. My brother stopped fishing with the bobber so I started fishing with his pole. A little bit after I started with his pole my other pole started moving. So, I went over by it and watched if for a little bit. It went crazy. I picked it up and the fish went crazy to the right side. So then it slowed down and came more my way and I started reeling. Every time I thought it was close it went out again. I finally go it close so my dad got into the water and grabbed the fish. We took the hook out, took a picture and released it back into the lake. I hope I get another fish that fights like this one did again soon.
Kooper Williams
I was fishing with my dad at a catch and release lake with my dad. We put out a pole with some bait on it. While I was fishing for some bluegill my dad yelled to me to get the other pole. It was bending over hard because a bass was biting on my bait. It swam away from the dock. The fish had the hook so my pole bent more. I grabbed the pole, put the tip up and started reeling the fish in. The fish was a fighter and bent the pole even more then it was! I got it in and my dad grabbed it and got it out of the water. He took the hook off and we took a picture. I gently put the bass back in the water without hurting the fish. Thank you Fishings Future it has been nice submitting pictures of my catch.
Harley Ingalls
I was a single mom when my son was 3 and I taught him how to fish and he fell in love. Harley always has a rod when we go out on the water even if it was 98 degrees that day he will still want to fish. We we're at a sand bar and he still caught a fish. Let's just say he got it from his momma. Fishing is life around here till deer season then hunting is life.
Kooper WIlliams
I went fishing at a lake and we brought a picnic lunch. We casted out the poles. We sat down at a picnic table by the water and we ate our lunch. We cast out our blue gill poles and I caught a perch. My sister caught two big heavy carp. My dad was catching perch and bluegill and I was catching perch and bluegill. Even though I casted out my catfish pole I did not catch a single one! My favorite thing to fish with is small worms. I catch a lot of fish with them! It was my first time catching perch. The perch were fighting me, they were fighters even if they are small. I love fishing and I wish I could go everyday! It was a great day because I caught fish that I like to catch. Fishing is super fun! I am lucky my family likes to fish!
Kaya Williams
One day my mom found a fishing derby so we went to it. We got there very early. We checked in and found a spot to fish. We have never been to this pond before. We were fishing and catching lots of fish. We were catching fish for awhile and my brother wanted to take a break to go and get some fishing tattoos. While he was gone I stole his "honey hole"! I got a lot of fish while I was in his "honey hole". Once he came back I took a break. I went up and got a fishing hook tattoo on my wrist and a pink fish tattoo on my arm. I grabbed a little bag of goldfish and ate it on the way back to my spot. I caught more fish and then the derby was over. I caught a total of 33 fish that day! It was super fun and I like fishing.
Kooper Williams
I was at a fishing derby in Gurnee IL. We casted out the pole. I had to reel it in fast but not really really fast. If I jerked the pole fast, the hook would come out of the Bluegill's mouth. So I had to be very careful when setting the hook and jerk softly. Then I caught the bluegill in this picture. A judge came and measured my fish. Our judge even had the same initials as I do and fished this derby when she was my age! We caught fish super duper fast that she had to stay close to us that is how we found out she had the same initials. I ended up catching 56 fish that day. My mom was helping me while I was fishing. She was giving me water while I was fishing. She poured water on my neck because I was hot and sweaty. It was fun.
Gauge Essex
I caught this flathead catfish while camping in Kansas at a friends pond. This pole was rigged up with a number five Gamakatsu circle hook. We had several different rigs to see which would work best. The first fish of the night tangled in a wire holding the dock in place and broke the line. We switched over our poles to same set up using smaller bluegill and sunfish we had caught earlier as live bait. After catching several other channel cat it was late so we bundled up in sleeping bags and slept. The next morning we caught bass and other fish till the sun got to high and we let my dad know we where finally ready to come home. It was a great time with my friend. It will be a great memory we share together for a long long time. I can't wait till we get a chance to go again together.
Grace Kotalik
Grace is the youngest of five kids and the only girl. Her brothers are all Scouts so she likes having any opportunity to show them that she is just as capable... and that even includes fishing. This week, her older brothers are at Scout camp so not to be out done she set up a tent in our livingroom with her 7 year old brother. They made a "camping plan" and even named their campsite. This evening, they insisted on going to our neighborhood pond to clean up any trash around the pond as a conservation "hike" and they fished afterwards. On Grace's first casting into the pond, she was SOOOO excited to reel in this catfish! She insisted I take several photos to send to her Boy Scout brothers at camp! She happily released her "fishy friend" back to the water after taking a photo!
Landon Supak
I went fishing with my mom and dad the last weekend of June. We were fishing the entrance to East Matagorda Bay, Texas. I felt a hard tug on my line and I knew I had a big one. I was very surprised when I reeled in my line and realized I had a bonnet head shark. I was very excited because this was the first time I had ever caught a shark. We were very careful in taking out the hook so that we wouldn't hurt the shark. My mom took a picture of me with the shark and then I let it go and watched it swim away. I thought it was the best catch of the day!
Derek Toomey
I got a new rod and reel and wanted to try it out. So I got up early to fish and went later that night. I tried a couple baits and threw out a black and blue chatterbait with a red craw. Couple cast in I caught that fish.
Riley Pate
We went fishing in the river. I had my favorite fishing shirt on. I had my favorite fishing and swimming shorts on. I had one of my orange and camo caps on. Orange and camo are my favorite colors. I was feeling lucky that day. Of course I wanted to catch a big fish and as many as I could. I had a red pole and I was using a red rebel crawdad lure. I just knew I would get a good one. I casted and then I felt a tug. I started bringing him in. I wondered how big it would be. It did not seem to be putting up much a fight. It was coming in pretty easy. Little did I know my prize fish would be smaller than my hand. We laughed and laughed. Then I continued fishing. I did catch some big ones later, but this was the funny one.
Gabriel Martinez, Jr.
On July 2, 2017 my family and I went to Bass Pro Shop in Harlingen, TX to learn how to fish. I was really excited. I had a fun time casting the rod and wanted to catch a really big fish. The trainer was very nice and helped me a lot. It was a really hot day but I really wanted to catch a fish. After a lot of tries, I finally caught a fish! It was awesome! I love fishing! When I grow up I'm going to buy a boat and go fishing everyday.
Layne Whisler
Several years ago when I was 6 years old we were out crappie fishing in a farm pond and had a pretty good morning. After a while I decided to move to a little different spot as I wasn’t getting any bites. Nothing seemed to biting in this new spot, but I made a few more casts. All the sudden my bobber went under and I set the little hook. I didn't know that I just hooked something that would eat crappie for breakfast. I nearly went in the water several times, but I would always stop right on the edge. After 10-15 minutes we got it up on shore and I had caught a 2 foot bass. It was big, but we still decided to release it and I was glad we did. To see a big fish swim back into the deep was a sight I will never forget. #FISHINGSFUTURE
Gauge Essex
My friend and I were fishing at one of our neighbors houses we had walked to. We had not fished the pond much so we were trying new things to see what worked. After a while we had decided that red colored plastic worms with a worm hook and bullet weight worked well. The fish in the picture is one of many we caught that afternoon. I am now fishing fishing every time I get the chance. I have now fished that pond and pulled out several different fish species. Such as Bass, flatheads, crappie, channel cat, carp and manny kinds of smaller fish. I am so thankful for the owner of the pond allowing me to fish at his pond and now trim for him. Happy about the nice weather and hope I always keep this hobby.
Jacob Estrada
My name is Jacob and I love to go fishing. I was 3 years old when my mom bought me my first fishing rod. When I was 4 my mom took me to our local municipal park where there is a birding center. At that birding center they were offering a free junior angler workshop that was hosted by the Texas State parks. It was so informative to my mom and me. We learned the basics about fishing. Since then my mom and I have been fishing to alot of different places. This summer I am 6 and a whole lot better at fishing. This has been my favorite place because I was able to stand in the water and catch fish. My mom took me on a trip to Corpus Christi Texas to visit the aquarium after we spent the day there, we drove towards the Island and found a spot off the bridge to fish for a while before the sun set. We always catch and release the fish because they are usually too small to keep. I always have alot of fun fishing. This time was funny because we had live shrimp as bait but our bucket didnt have a lid. All the shrimp in the bucket were jumping out. All the seagulls were stealing our shrimp! It was funny and we had fun.
Landan Spear
I was waiting and waiting and waiting, and finally a Bluegill Fish took my bait. It weighed around 5 ounces. I was visiting my grandparents in Douglass, Kansas. I am from North Dakota. It was the only fish I caught that evening. The weather was hot and the fishing was slow. We were by a dead tree with lots of shade. We were in a 17 ft. Bass Tracker boat fishing at Cowley County State Lake in Kansas, and a young raccoon came down the bank and went through the sticks and moss into the lake near us. Then all the sudden my wooden bobber took off under water. I was using a braided fishing line with an ultra-light open-faced spinning reel with a six-foot spinning rod. I was using a simple gold hook with about an inch of worm bait. The bobber went under the water, and it went left, and right moving around until I jerked it up and reeled it into the boat. It was about 7 inches long and weighed 5 ounces including the worm. We had a good time.

Landon Supak
I was super excited about going to my Aunt's house to go fishing in thier pond. I spent most of the day catching little ones. But I finally caught this big monster on my favorite lure. I dropped him on the ground running to show everyone so I named him knot head before I put him back in the pond. I hope I can catch him again when he gets bigger he is a great fish. But next time I won't drop him. I want to go back fishing there really soon I had alot of fun. My aunt told me I could come fishing when ever I wanted, but that would be every day and I live to far away. But I will get there again soon i hope.
Johnny Ruffin
My mom thought it was a shark a few years ago when the epic dorsal fin came across Wonderland Lake near Boulder. But I assured it was a CARP. A few days ago I went blue gill fishing at the lake and I saw the monster close to shore. I had some potato hot dog buns in my bag and I threw one on a hook and casted it out towards the wake. After a few minutes of waiting I felt an enormous bite. I set the hook as hard as I could and began to fight it. The epic fight lasted 20 minutes and took every ounce of energy I had. When I finally landed it, I can't describe the amount of joy I felt when I caught this legendary beast. I then released the massive grass carp to grow bigger for some other lucky kid to have the thrill. We estimated it to be about 70 pounds and 40-45 inches.
Grace Kotalik
Over the past week, Grace has become quite the avid fisher! She has certainly set out to prove that whatever boys do that girls can do better- or at least make the best effort to show them she is just as good! She has waited patiently for her Daddy to get home from work each day and before he can even sit down, she asks to go fishing. She stays busy with catching and releasing until the sun goes down. Here are two of her favorite recent catches! She is quick to remind her brothers that when she catches the first fish, largest fish, prettiest fish and even the silliest fish!
Caleb Brown
This summer we went to florida and camped out at Fort Pickens it was by the ocean and there was pear by the campground we went there I wanted to use a silver spoon so I fasted away I realed it in slow and ten seconds later I had a big pull. I jerked as hard as I could then I start reeling as fast as I could. It was pulling hard and I knew it was a Spanish mackeral.
Austin Houston
Austin Houston (11) with a nice crappie he caught and released on Lake Texoma this past weekend.
Ezekiel Ring
"Me and daddy went fishing and I caught a Largemouth Bass. He was the first fish I ever caught. When the bobber started wiggling I pulled the rod up because thats what daddy told me to do. Daddy helped me get the fish out of the water." - Ezekiel (Zeke) Ring (4 years old)

"I took my son Zeke fishing to a nearby creek in our area; it was maybe our third time out there and we'd never even had so much as a bite. We had stopped and picked up a fresh cup of worms and a couple of packs of gummy worms for him to snack on. I set his bobber, baited his hook, and cast the line near some overhanging branches in the creek. I told him to keep his eye on that bobber...when a fish goes after the worm, it'll start moving. I sat him in his chair and began baiting my own hook. The next thing I hear is, "Daddy! Daddy! Its going under!" I didn't have high expectations as I walked back to him. I told him to pull his rod up if he thought he had one; so he did. Then the fish pulled back and nearly dragged Zeke out of his chair! I said, "Oh man, you do have one! Reel'em in Zeke!" I let him struggle with the fish for a bit before giving him a hand. Once we'd pulled the fish in, we were able to take a couple of pictures before releasing it. I tried to get Zeke to hold the fish but he wasn't ready for that just yet; he was content to just pet him. We went on to catch a handful of bream and a small catfish. All in all, being there to help my boy catch his first fish was pretty special. Something I'll always remember." - Benjamin (daddy) Ring
Ezekiel Ring
Too afraid to touch the bass, Zeke was ready to get his hands (well...fingers) on his second catch of the day. He reeled in this awesome catfish all by himself.
Evelynn Ring
Evelynn (7years old) and I were able to enjoy the afternoon catching plenty of these bluegills. This is a picture of the first fish she's ever caught. She went on to catch a few more, including a drum.
Emily Wing
I was on my first Girl Scout trip. I had never picked up a fishing pole, let alone casted one! With the help of the folks at camp, I was able to learn how to cast a pole, bait a hook and catch my very first fish! It was so cool after casting my line into the water to feel the little jiggle on the other end. I had no idea that I was about to reel in my first fish. Once I reeled it in, I didn't know what to do! Thank goodness I had a friend nearby. I had a picture taken with 'Fred', my first fish. Then, I unhooked him and put him back in the water. I'm so excited. I can't wait to go buy a fishing pole and a tackle box. There are so many neat places to fish around my house. My big brother said he would even take me fishing! This is going to be so cool.
Tyler Bingamon
I caught this big guy at Jellystone Park at Keystone lake. It is my biggest bass of 2017! I stood out there for two hours with a lure and I did not catch anything. Then I switched to the senko and a hook. I got two bites and missed them. About five cast afyer my second bite my line felt like it was stuck. I looked at my line and it was moving, so I reeled that sucker in! I showed my grandma my fish, then a kid who was walking next to me. He wanted to fish to after seeing that. I am really surprised that the line didn't snap! I was using a crappie pole with six pound line. I didn't catch a lot, but I sure am glad that I caught this bass. After that I went swimming, and had a super fun time with my family. I hope everyone else has fun like this at Jellystone this summer!
Max Bauer
My brother and I had wanted to go fishing all summer long. Finally my dad took us. It was a beautiful day and not windy. It seemed like we were sitting there a long time and I’m glad mom brought snacks. We also got to put our feet in the water. Our worms were old so we weren’t sure we were going to catch anything but we did! I caught this beauty and was the first in my family to catch a fish that day. Then we took it off the hook and it swam away. My dad got a really bad sunburn but I think it was worth it since I caught a fish. –Max Bauer, age 8 of Louisburg, Kansas
Roy Bauer
I had wanted to go fishing with my dad all summer long. My brother had already caught a fish the week before on our first trip out and I still hadn’t caught one. One night my dad said that just he and I could go fishing. I really liked that it was just my dad and me and not my brother with us. Right away we saw a HUGE fish about 3 feet long jump out of the water but it was far away and we were on the shore. After sitting there for a while I thought maybe I still wouldn’t get one. Then before I knew it I felt a tug! It felt like a big one but I wasn’t sure because sometimes they all feel big and then they are tiny when I reel them in. But this was the biggest fish I have EVER caught. I was so happy and it was a great day because it was my first fish of the summer and my dad was with me. We put it back in the water and I hope it has a good life swimming around again. –Roy Bauer, age 10, Louisburg Kansas
Kaya Williams
One day I went to a park with my friends. It was a really fun time. I got to go out in a kayak. I got to swim at the beach. I got to play with my friends. I got to fish with them for the first time! I was kayaking and then I started fishing. After a little bit I caught a fish and I reeled it in. It was a blue gill. I was easy to reel in. Even though it was small it was alot of fun because my friends were so excited for me! I really like cheering them on when they reeled in fish too! I wonder if I would catch the same exact fish the next time I go there. Maybe next time I will catch more fish! I hope to try fishing out of the kayak. It is super fun paddling it so I think it will be super fun to catch a fish while I am in it.
Kaya Williams
I was at a Forest Preserve pond with my brother and my dad. Once we got there we went onto the pier. There were bunch of little blue gill by the pier. So I got my pole ready right away and dipped it in the water. Then a little bit later there was a fish sort of on but sort of not on. I tried to reel it in but then it came off. I tried to use my brothers pole that had a frog lure on it, but I didn't catch anything with it. So, I went back to fishing with a worm again. We continued to fish and caught multiple Blue Gill. This was one of my favorite fish that I named Sunny!! I was happy to release him back in the water to see his family again! I hope I get to see him again one day!
Kooper Williams
I went to a pond I like to go to with my dad and my sister. I caught some Blue Gill and then I caught this one. I cast out my frog lure and I caught nothing. I cast out a lure that looked like a blue gill and caught nothing. I did not catch any catfish or even bass. I think a day catching blue gill is better then a day catching no fish at all. I really like using wax worms for catching blue gill because then I do not have to pinch little pieces off of a night crawler. I love fishing! It is really fun and I like the time we get to spend together. I will be sad when I can not go fishing as much because I have to go back to school. But I will be excited to share my fishing stories with my friends!
Riley Pate
I woke up on Sunday, July 30th and it was a special day. It was my 10th birthday. My parents asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I told them I wanted to go to the Buffalo River because I had never been there, and I wanted to fish and swim and then go to the drive in movie and watch Planet of the Apes. The park ranger told us the river was a little low and not running as much, but I still wanted to try. My dad and I had a bet to see who could catch a fish first. We were fishing for small mouth bass. Within 10 minutes of wading out and around the banks, I landed one. It wasn’t big, but I won the bet….lol…and it was my first fish that I caught as a new 10 year old and I’m going to take it as a sign that this will be a good year of fishing. I love fishing and I think it would be great if I could be one of those pro fishers when I grow up.
Grace Kotalik
Fishing is becoming a near daily event around our house as Grace is determined to show her brothers that she is just as capable an angler. She literally watches the clock until it is time for her dad to get home and then she fishes until dark. Grace has a lot of great fishing luck with her little Barbie pole. She has lost a few big catches because they were too much weight for her pole but this little guy was a perfect catch.
Roy Bauer
I had already caught one fish on this trip out with just my dad and me. Then before I knew it I caught this second one. It was a bluegill. The first was a catfish. My dad was getting a sunburn but said we could stay out a bit longer to try to get more. I was on a roll getting two fish in one trip out. I was hoping the next one I caught would be the huge 3 foot one that we had been seeing jump out of the water all morning long!
Elkan Spear
Our annual camping trip this year was August 2nd, at Council Grove Reservoir in Kansas. When we got to the campsite we didn't waste much time getting our lines ready. I fixed it up with a worm, weight and bobber. After tossing in my line the rest of my family went up to cook hotdogs in the campfire. I stayed back to do some craw dad hunting in the rocky shoreline, and where I could watch my bobber. As I started getting hungry I took one last look at the bobber and saw it quickly go under. I grabbed the pole and reeled fast, the fish came pretty easy. After getting the fish to shore I walked it up to the campfire and surprised my family with my catch. My dad told me it was about a 1 pound, 12 inch drum. My mom quickly took a picture, and my dad helped me release it back to the lake. Everyone was so excited and it ended up being the only catch that night.
Kason Spear
Hi my name is Kason, I am 7 years old. On August 4th my dad had the day off and we went for a morning catch at Munkers Creek outside of Council Grove, KS. About 20 minutes after throwing out my line I saw my bobber dive under. I hurried to set the hook and reel in my fish. The fish didn't want to come without a fight. I reeled as fast and hard as I could and watched the line zoom all around in the water. I thought my rod or line was going to break. I was only using a little 4 and a half foot rod, and this fish was heavy. Finally I got the fish on shore and my dad said that I had caught a 21 inch, 5 pound mirrored carp. It was so big I had to have my dad help me hold it and release it as my brother took the picture for us. I love fishing, especially with my dad!
Attalie Spear
On August 4th I went for an evening fishing trip with my dad and brothers. We went to the City Lake at Council Grove, KS. I was wearing my green lucky shirt and fishing with my lucky pink pole, it gets me a lot of fish. My line was fixed up with a worm and bobber. I waited and waited until I was going to give up, but as I was reeling in my line a little green sunfish grabbed my worm and hook. I reeled the fish in nice and slow. When I got it to the shore my dad and I saw that it didn't get much of the worm and my dad was able to get the hook out easily. I was able to release him back to the lake with my dad's help and able to reuse the worm. I love fishing with my dad.
Kason Spear
On August 4th I was able to go fishing in the morning with my dad and then I asked my dad all day if we could go back out. Finally around 4:30pm my dad said we could. We went to Council Grove City Lake in Kansas with my brother and sister. As my dad was helping my sister at the dock I was fishing with my brother on the pier. I put a worm on my hook and threw in my line. It didn't take to long before I saw my bobber go under. I hurried to reel in my catch, the fish came without a fight and was at the shore fast. My brother yelled over to my dad that I had caught a bluegill. I kept the little fish wet until my dad could get over to me to take a picture and safely release it back to the water. It wasn't the biggest fish I caught that day but it is always fun fishing.
Landon Supak
This was a great day on the bay. Caught my first flounder in Galveston, Tx. I was reeling up my line because I didn't have any bites, about that time I had a hard hit on my line. This guy jumped up out of the water, but I knew I had to him. About the time I got him up to shore, he jumped of the line right at the edge of the water. I thought I lost him, but I was able to hold on to him long enough to get this picture. What a catch!
Travis Greever
Patty and her winnings from fishingsfuture
It will be put to good use.
Morgan Earle
The reason catching this bass on Lake Graham this summer was so special was not its size or what I used as bait, but was that I was on the water with my grandfather Eddie Waldrop, and my 86 year old great-grandfather Clarence Waldrop. The memories made each time I get to go fishing with these lifelong fishermen are ones that are special, and they usually teach me a thing or two about fishing! We headed out at dusk and were fishing on a point along a channel. I was using a chartreuse crank bait and one of my PaPaw's rods because mine had recently broken and his Calcutta reel. I caught the bass working the point and my grandfather and great-grandfather both said great fish! We were only out on the water due to a break in some storms so it was definitely a memorable catch.
Max Bauer
My brother and dad and I went down to a lake in Hillsdale, Kansas to fish. We got fresh worms from the marina and they were better than the almost dead ones we had last time we fished. We weren’t having much luck and every time we thought our bobber went under for a fish it was actually going under because of a weed or snag. My brother broke his line and my dad worked to fix it. We saw a pontoon boat on the water and thought they must have less snags and moss then us. Then I just knew I had a fish because it felt different than the snags. I reeled it in and dad took a picture before we put in back in the water to go be free. My mom came down and said maybe my brother would catch it next but no one was able to get it again in that fishing trip. I don't mind the small fish but was still excited when dad said maybe someday we can use minnows and get a fish bigger than eight inches.
Maddie Kroeger
My First Fish
By: Maddie Kroeger (Age 8)
I was at Girl Scout Camp and today it was fishing day. So I went down to do fishing with my crew. It was really hot that day, I was sweating. First our instructor gave us the directions and I listened well. Then the helper put the fish on the hook. And then I probably threw the line out about 4 different times. And then my hook kept getting caught in the moss. I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore, it was sooooo hot. Then the instructor told me that when the bobber goes down yank up your pole so then you can catch your fish. Then I threw out my line and moved my pole. My bobber went down and my mom thought there was a fish, but I was just playing a prank on her. And then my bobber went down again, this time I wasn’t joking. I realized that I caught a fish!! It was really hard to pull because the fish was using all of it’s power, so my instructor had to help! We reeled it in together and I was so excited that I finally caught my first fish! And then I got to touch it’s gills and it’s mouth. Then my instructor told me that it was a blue gill. Then my instructor unhooked the fish and threw it back in the lake. And that was the best day ever!!
Layne Whisler
My family had plans to go fishing for catfish at a family friend’s pond. I was so excited for this fishing trip because my best friend who rarely fishes was coming with us. As soon as we arrived, we got the lines baited and in the water using hot dog for the bait. It wasn’t long before we had our first fish bite the line and it was my sister’s friend who caught it. Then my friend caught a nice bass. Soon after, my sister caught a catfish. Thirty minutes into fishing, my rod finally got a bite. When we got it in the net it was a small, but healthy, catfish, so I wanted to let it go. I was proud of catching it; but, I was even happier to see it slowly swim down into the water again. It felt good to know that it had a chance to grow into a big fish!
Kaya Williams
On day I was at the McHenry Damn, fishing in the lower river. I was with my mom, my dad and my little brother. We kept on fishing. At first we had just catfish stuff set out. After awhile we started fishing with our other poles. So we kept on fishing with that and I caught this fish. Two times I got my line in caught in the tree when I was casting but we got it out. This was a little bit after the flood and the water was going down. You could see where the water used to be on the trees. We got to take pictures of some ducklings and one with a duck trying to fly up. After a long time, we went closer to the damn. We didn't catch anything there but we saw some people on the damn a big catfish. This was my first stripper I ever caught and it was a little one! I hope this isn't the last one I catch! The stripes on the stripper are not straight lines!
Kooper Williams
My mom, my dad, my sister and I were fishing at the damn. It was the next day after if opened after the flooding went down. I was fishing with my lures a little. I had a bite with my lure. It was a crank bait lure, but it came off. Then I asked my dad if I could use bait instead. Then I caught this large mouth bass. The park looked so different. There were water marks on the trees from the flooding and the grass was brown. The pier was high in the air above the water because the flooded water lifted it. There was a duck that looked different from any wild duck I have seen. It was black and white and hanging out with the mallard ducks. I thought maybe it got loose from a farm and made some new friends! It was a lot of fun fishing with my family!
Chase Talley
"My Biggest Fish Ever" - By Chase Talley
One day we were at the lake and we were fishing with all my friends and having fun! While the fishing poles were down we were trying to find something to do that would occupy us. Five minutes later... BOOM! Fishing pole was drug right into the water, so my Dad ran to go grab the pole. When he grabbed it, he slipped and fell into the water and we ran and tried to help him. Luckily he got up and everyone could not stop laughing. I was able to grab the pole and reel it in... WOW!!! a HUGE Bass that was way bigger than my Dad's foot and barely half my size. Best day ever. Sadly we let the fish go but we came home and had dinner! Hope you enjoyed my story!
Caitlyn Talley
One day me my dad and my brother were fishing. I caught a huge turtle and it was huge! It was the size of my head but unfortunately my dad let him or her go. I was so sad but i know its safe now. I hope you like my story.
Title: "I Caught A Turtle"
Name: Caitlyn Talley
Max Bauer
Our family was camping last weekend and mom looked at her phone and then said something about Fishings Future. That reminded me of things and I right away said, mom I want to go fishing. Then I grabbed my pole and hopped on my bike to drive to the lake near where we were camping. It didn’t start out a lucky trip because the string on my pole kept getting twisted as I was riding my bike and carrying my pole down to the lake. There were a lot of sticks and snags in this area of the lake and we had already lost two bobbers that got caught while our family was fishing the night before. We were ready to quit but I decided to try One More Cast! Then I caught one! It was just my mom and brother there. As soon as I caught it my mom took a picture and then I put it back in the water to keep it alive while we waited for my dad to come down with his tackle box. He took the hook out and we watched it swim away.
Kaya Williams
One day I was at the lake with my mom, my dad and my brother. Once we got there we went to a spot and at first we didn't catch that much. After awhile I caught a couple little blue gills. There was a lot of garbage there, it mad me feel very sad. I want to go back with a garbage bag, some gloves and pick up all the garbage. Hopefully we can this weekend. Then we went to a different spot. At first the fish weren't biting. Then they started biting but then we would lose them. Then after awhile I caught a bluegill. Then we ran out of one bait and had to switch. I thought we would not catch anything but I caught this fish! So, I learned to try new things even if you don't want to. We caught alot more fish after that! It was fun!
Kooper Williams
I was on vacation with my family. We went to Southern IL and brought some fishing poles with us just in case there were spots we could go fishing. We went to Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. We went inside the visitor center to get out day pass. We saw some animals on display. There were messages we listened to that told us about stuff. Even animal tracks and a map. We went fishing a caught a couple of Crappie. My sister caught a turtle. There was a rock with a painted picture of the movie Trolls on it. When we were leaving we saw a ton of whitetail deer. We saw bucks, does and fawns too! They were eating some grass. We even saw some turkeys too! We seen different kinds of dragonflies then we have seen before. I liked the fishing there. It was great to go somewhere I have never been before.
Kooper Williams
My dad and I got up really early in the morning to go fishing while my mom and sister were asleep. We were having a boys only trip to the lake. We tried a new spot! We had to start at a tiny tiny point. Then we had to keep on walking and it got higher and higher and higher when we were walking under a bridge. Once we got to a spot by the wall we seen a picture of a fish on the wall. It was big. We cast out some catfish bait because I like to catch catfish. It took a little while to get a bite. Then I finally caught one and it was this one. We moved to the other side of the point and tried some more. We had to go home to eat breakfast so we were done. It was a good thing I didn't get skunked.
Grace Kotalik
For Grace, the summer of 2017 has been memorable in part because she has found her love of fishing. Week after week she has ventured to the pond near our home. Even on rainy days, she practices with backyard plastic fish in our livingroom. She is bound and determined to show her Boy Scout brothers that she is an angler too!
Sylvia Munjak-Khoury
I caught this fish at a Girl Scouts camp at Ironwoods Park in Leawood, KS. It was really hard to reel in! I didn't want to hold it. It was slimy. My mom took pictures of me with the fish still on the line. Then it was time to release it. I was sad because my adult helper couldn't get the hook out. We had to cut the line. We threw the fish back in the water. But it didn't move! I thought it was dead. My mom said, "Wait and see." I watched and watched. It seemed to take forever, but finally the fish started to wriggle. Then it swam away. I was so glad! I didn't kill the fish. I had fun.
Ben Spencer
The O.K. Kids Fishing Derby at Lake Henry, Aug. 12, was so fun! First, I got to ride a Jet Ski simulator, play a casting game, and win catfish bait! Next, I learned about fishing safety; carry a pole upright, with a secure hook. Then, I learned about fish in the lake; big and small mouth bass, perch, blue gill, and channel catfish. They were nailed to a board! Later, I heard the rules, a horn sounded, and I started fishing! Catfish bait is VERY stinky! Daddy said it would take a week to get the smell off of his hands! I cast a few times and didn’t get a nibble. Daddy said, “That’s why they call it fishing, not catching.” Then the bobber disappeared! I reeled slowly, and carefully. As it got closer, I could see it was a fish! Daddy said it was a channel catfish and helped me unhook and measure. It was 19 ½”! Lastly, I released it and watched it swim away with a strong tail splash. When the derby ended, they called Ben Spencer – I caught the biggest fish of the day and won a fishing pole of my very own! What a day!