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We’re on a mission to connect youth and families with nature through fishing adventures that strengthen family relationships, build stewardship of the environment and provide positive outdoor angling education for families with children between the ages of 5-16.

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  • Catarino Lopez

    Catarino “Cat” Lopez is the owner of Machete Creative and a grizzled advertising veteran with…

  • Chris Moorman

    As an avid fisherman I have seen firsthand, the power of the outdoors to unplug…

  • Paul Trevino

    Paul Trevino, a native South Texan, brings a diverse mix of business and public service.…

  • Tom Lang

    Tom Lang is the Inland Fisheries Division Outreach Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife…

  • Shane Wilson

    Founder / CEO

    The Shane Wilson Story Dec 14 2019 (UPDATED) Shane Wilson has spent over 40 plus…

  • Michael Carter

    Michael Carter is the Accountant for the Point Isabel Independent School District. He is in charge…

  • Ken Duke

    Managing Editor of Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine, “The Business Magazine for the Sportfishing industry”. He…

  • Matt Fletcher

    Matt Fletcher is the Vice President of Sales for Zebco Brands, headquartered in Tulsa, OK. …

  • Doug Pettit

    My father taught me how to fish when I was 8 yr old at Hopkins…

Catarino Lopez

Catarino “Cat” Lopez is the owner of Machete Creative and a grizzled advertising veteran with 20 years experience working on numerous blue chip General Market and Hispanic accounts. He oversees all marketing for Fishing’s Future and ensures that the mission and values of the brand are adhered to rigorously. When he’s not conjuring up new ad campaigns, you can find him on the waters of the Lower Laguna Madre in search of Redfish and Speckled Trout. He shares and instills his passion for fishing and the outdoors with his wife Leslie and two young boys Daniel and Benjamin and anyone else he can get on the water.

Chris Moorman

As an avid fisherman I have seen firsthand, the power of the outdoors to unplug from an ephemeral digital world. As we continue to see the powerful negative effects in the younger generation, increased depression, attention deficit disorder and social isolation, I believe that it is more important than ever before to engage our youth in the physical and natural world.

My path to Fishing’s Future was an organic one. As I went fishing one Saturday in Indianapolis, there were two neighborhood kids fishing off the dock with some busted equipment. After talking to them a little bit, I quickly ascertained that neither of them had ever been fishing with an adult. They walk from the projects about 1.5 miles most days to that boat ramp, just to have somewhere to go. Charles, the more talkative, is the middle of 7 kids to unmarried parents. His father has not worked in Charles’ memory, and his mother is trying to make ends meet with a job as a nursing assistant.

This boy just wants someone to take him fishing.

I got a lump in my throat as soon as I realized the determination of these two boys to stay out of trouble by keeping a line in the water. I quickly reached out to Shane Wilson, an old family friend, and realized that I had seen first hand the need for an organization like Fishing’s Future. Shane had a couple of poles in the mail almost immediately, and the sincere gratitude that those boys showed me was incredible.

The last two weekends, I have done that. We talked about gear ratios and canals, what he was doing in school and his plans for the future. All with a pole in hand.

When Shane mentioned the ability to take a more active role in the organization, he had me immediately, hook, line and sinker. I think that this organization is an incredibly worthy one, and I am happy to devote my time and talents to further Fishing Future’s mission.

Paul Trevino

Paul Trevino, a native South Texan, brings a diverse mix of business and public service. While having attended the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg, Texas he was hired in the manufacturing sector for a NAFTA-based twin-plant corporation servicing both the U.S and Mexico. During this time, Paul’s public service was primarily focused in sports as a Youth Soccer Coach with the U.S Soccer Federation in the early 1990’s. Paul would later change career paths into the medical field in order to service occupational injuries for local manufacturers.

He has worked in medical administration over the past 17 years in the McAllen, Texas, area. In this time, he would help build one of the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty occupational medical facilities in South Texas. He has received National Business Advisory and Leadership awards, and later accepted an internship program to become a Board certified Orthopedic Physician Assistant in 2009. His love for soccer would turn to fishing.

His fishing career started when a renowned fisherman instructed him in the art of fly fishing in the gust-filled salt flats of South Texas. While primarily a saltwater fly fishing enthusiast, Paul also competes in fishing tournaments. He has notable 1st place tournament wins in various Fly Fishing Tournaments throughout Central and South Texas as well as a top three finish at the Texas International Fishing Tournament (TIFT).

These days, he serves on Fishing Tournament Boards for the University of Texas-Pan American Bronc Athletic Department as well as the Edinburg Children’s Hospital Foundation. He pursues a crusade for fishing conservation and loves bringing the sport of fishing to kids and parents throughout Texas.

Additionally, Paul is the McAllen, TX Fishing’s Future Master Angler.

Tom Lang

Tom Lang is the Inland Fisheries Division Outreach Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. As a part of his duties at TPWD he serves as the Director of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas. As part of his duties he oversees the statewide Angler R3 efforts, ShareLunker Program, Neighborhood Fishin’ Program, State Fish Art program, Toyota Texas Bass Fest, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, and serves on the Inland Fisheries Division’s leadership team. He has previously served as the TPWD District Fisheries Supervisor in Wichita Falls, Texas and the statewide Fisheries Programs Specialist for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks where he coordinated the Community Fisheries Assistance Program and Fish KS Angler Education program.

Tom spent his formative years in Louisville Kentucky where the majestic Ohio River and nearby Rough River Reservoir began his fascination with fishing and fisheries resources. Tom is a graduate of Purdue University where he majored in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, minoring in both Communication and History and he is also a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) where he earned a Master of Science in Aquaculture/Fisheries. Tom’s research at UAPB focused on evaluating the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Family and Community Fishing Program and aquatic education Fishing Derby Program.

Tom is an accomplished author in the fisheries field having written numerous manuscripts and contributed to multiple book projects including, most notably, co-editing the American Fisheries Society book “Urban and Community Fisheries Programs; Development, Management, and Evaluation.” He is currently co-editing a book on the future of angling participation. Further, Tom routinely organizes symposia and delivers conference presentations on a host of pertinent topics in the fisheries field.

He has been tremendously active in serving the largest and oldest society of professional fisheries scientists in the world, the American Fisheries Society. He served as a member of the Society’s Governing Board for five years, he has served on and chaired numerous Society level committees, is a past-President of the AFS Socioeconomics Section and a past-President of the AFS Fish Habitat Section. Tom is also a past-President of a national organization, the Aquatic Resources Education Association. Finally, he has also served as a member of the National Fish Habitat Partnership Board.

He has been the recipient of many honors including being selected for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Employee Recognition Award in Conservation, the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Outstanding Fisheries Worker award in both 2017 and 2019, was recognized for Exceptional Support of the Aquatic Resources Education Association, two of the programs he coordinated while serving the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks were recognized with Outstanding Sportfish Restoration Program awards during his tenure, and most notably he was named the inaugural National Friend of Reservoirs by the Reservoir Fish Habitat Partnership. However, Tom says that his greatest and most rewarding accomplishments are being a good husband to his wife and a good father to his four amazing children; Hunter, River, Fisher, and Meadow.

Shane Wilson

Founder / CEO

The Shane Wilson Story

Dec 14 2019 (UPDATED)

Shane Wilson has spent over 40 plus years teaching the art of fishing. Taking you back to the golden days of the seventies, in the year 1975, Shane began guiding and teaching fishing when he started Big Bass Expeditions in Central Indiana. Fast forward to present day, Shane continues to do what he does best – Sharing the sport of fishing with others all over the globe. Not only did Shane achieve a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree from Ball State University he also obtaining a Principals Certificate from the University of Texas at Brownsville is a certified Angling Education Instructor in three different states and an Area Chief for Texas Parks and Wildlife Aquatic program.

Shane’s leadership skills have not only been present in his personal endeavors but also throughout his professional life. Shane diligently dedicated his time to serving as a Plant Manager of a small 60 employee operation that did 150 million annually. During his time in Indiana he served as the Director of the Industrial Education and Economic Development Program for a Vocational and Technical College. Serving more than 37,000 UAW and GM employees, Shane took on the responsibility of overseeing all educational programs within 5 of those GM facilities. For more than 35 years Shane has served in public education in multiple positions, ranging from District level Administration to his current position as a First Grade Classroom School Teacher. In addition to molding and shaping young children Shane has patented, marketed and sold products within the recreational fishing industry.

When Shane moved to Texas, has devoted his time by becoming involved with numerous affiliations. Some of these affiliations are as follows; Shane is the Chairman of the Board with Sea Turtle Inc for the last 17 years. He is the past President and Chairman of the Board of Property Owners who Care, serving 12 years, a Board Director for the Laguna Madre Humane Society, past President of Friends of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, past President of the Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Association, and an Environmental Committee Member of Cameron County Coastal Issues. Shane was nominated by the City of South Padre Island to be one of five chosen to serve on the Board of Ethics and assisted in drafting the Code of Ethics for the City of South Padre Island.

To say Shane is an avid fisherman would be an understatement, he has fished in 49 of the 50 U.S States, as well as 9 Canadian Provinces. In the year 1996 he set an IGFA Fly Fishing World Record, which he still holds present day. In addition, with setting the Fly-Fishing World Record, Shane holds two Guinness Book of

World Records for hosting the World’s largest Surf Fishing Tournament. Fishing’s Future a 501-c3 Corporation was founded by Shane Wilson in 2007 and just within this time span Fishing’s Future has grown into an International Organization on two continents with more than 70 chapters. In the year 2015, The Kansas Wildlife Federation awarded Fishing’s Future the Conservation Organization of the Year. Just one year later in 2016, Fishing’s Future proudly received the Roland Sigurdsson Outstanding Aquatic Program being recognized as the #1 Aquatic Education Program in the entire Nation by the Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA) which still stands to this day. Throughout the years Shane has received numerous awards and recognitions. These awards and recognitions are as follows;

  • 1996 – IGFA World Record Holder for Fly Fishing
  • 2008 – Shane received the Conservationist of the Year Award
  • 2009 – Shane received the Outdoor and Wildlife Preservation Award for exemplary contributions, enhancement and promotion of the Laguna Madre
  • 2009 – Shane was called to the Texas State Senate Floor and received Senate Resolution #864
  • 2009 – Shane was a recipient of “Council of the Sagamore of the Wabash” State of Indiana from Governor Otis Bowen
  • 2013- Shane was selected by the City of South Padre Island as the (Citizen of the Year) where he was inducted into the Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame
  • 2011 – Shane was featured on the South Texas Outdoors magazine cover
  • 2013 – Texas Parks and Wildlife Area Chief where he received the Bronze, Gold and Platinum awards
  • 2017 – Shane was featured in the FYI column of the Brownsville Harold
  • 2018 – Shane was selected by the American Sport Fishing Association to serve on a 4-person panel and present at the 2016 summit on increasing fishing participation in today’s environment
  • 2018 – Shane received the (Service Above Self Award) for outstanding leadership and dedication (Rotary)
  • 2020 – Inducted into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame


Not only has Shane been awarded and recognized for his outstanding service to others, he has become a regular centerfold appearing in several popular fishing magazines. If you flip open the Guy Harvey’s fall 2018 quarterly issue you can read about Shane and Fishing’s Future. Shane has received many priceless gifts for his service some of which are, a U.S Flag flown over the Texas Capitol, a Texas ceremonial gavel that was used to open a Texas Legislative Session and he has been gifted two Texas State Senate Proclamations #166 and #275.

Shane Wilson has always been an individual who truly lives to serve. Not only is he active on several committees and active within his community, he has devoted his time to assisting others whenever his schedule permits. Shane is one of those people who is always anxious to lift a hand and help others wherever and whenever help is needed, all while continuing to host Family Fishing Camps and acting as a pillar in his Community. Shane is happily united to his wife, Stephanie Wilson where they reside in South Padre Island, the place they have called home for more than two decades together. It is here on this dreamy Island that Shane and his wife share their couch and their home with two very loved bearded collie. Shane and his wife consider themselves extremely lucky to be able to inhale the salty air every morning, from their front porch just blocks from the beach and enjoy sticking their toes in the sand along South Padres pristine beaches whenever they fancy. Not to mention, the dogs don’t mind either!


Ethics is the core of Shane Wilson. For example, if you are out on the water fishing with Shane and you suddenly get a hankering for a candy bar and you toss the wrapper in the water Shane will fish it out and put it in his pocket. Shane is the environmental steward he wants us all to be. He also never fishes without a fishing license.  Shane teaches what he preaches.  Shane was one of 5 selected by the City of South Padre Island to help draft the City’s first Code of Ethics.

You just won’t find Shane acting differently in the public or when he is completely alone on a stream.  He does the right thing because it is the right thing to do.   Shane believes that one should only keep what they can eat and if it just a little under or a little over the regulations, it must be returned.  He is a staunch advocate of CPR but doesn’t condemn those who like to keep a limit.  As a first-grade teacher, Wilson states, “There is no grey in the first grade.  It is either black or white,” and this is how he lives his life.  What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong…period.  The way Wilson expresses it when asked about how he lives his live pertaining to ethics, he states, “We are who we are and if we cheat, steal, lie, or break the law then we are not true to mankind or ourselves.  I choose to be true to both.”

Leadership and commitment to improving fishing

Shane has a God given talent to be able to envision a dream and bring that dream to fruition.  His ability to be able to confidently communicate that vision to others and encourage them to participate willingly in a way that is natural is one of Shane’s many remarkable leadership qualities. Shane transforms visions into reality. Today, Fishing’s Future spans over 21 states and has reached over a million individuals. The leadership qualities that Shane exudes motivates those around him to reach higher, stand taller, try harder or step out of their comfort zones to achieve what was once considered unachievable.  Shane provides and gives confidence, encouragement, wisdom and patience.  He teaches persistence, allows for mistakes and never finds fault in others.  “Life is full of obstacles and just like floating down a river one needs to look ahead, read the currents, ready himself for the unexpected and be willing to make the difficulty portages necessary to keep moving forward. A river never stops, and neither should we.” It is not surprising he has accomplished much but what is surprising is his humbleness and willingness to give freely of his time to make others successful.

Giving freely of him time, Shane blesses individuals and families with new experiences, he also educates them so that when they walk away, they take with them the knowledge, confidence and most importantly, the encouragement to go forth and try it independently. No family departs from Shane without being confident enough to attempt the sport at their next outing.

Unselfish Contributions to the Sport of Fishing

Shane Wilson is a remarkably dedicated and giving. Shane likes to say, “His entire life has no meaning if he cannot help others.” Not only has Shane received an outstanding number of awards and recognitions throughout the years as a result of his selfless giving. Shane likes to say his wife is the most giving of them all. Shane’s wife, Stephanie gives him to society, she allows him to spend countless hours and exhausting efforts to enrich a community.  He plants values that will remain within these individuals a lifetime. Everything Shane does, he does to promote a better mankind. Shane’s desire is to live a life so inspiring that he leaves a legacy as the guy who gave the gift of fishing. Shane doesn’t do anything he does for material gain. The greatest reward Shane receives is the simple gesture of a hug or a thank you from the families he works with, it floods his heart. Shane sits on many boards and has been President and vice President of many committees and boards. Shane has been recognized in several magazine articles for his unwavering service to mankind. In April of 2016, Fishing’s Future received two out of the five Vamos A Pescar Grants given by RBFF and was personally asked to accompany George Bush SR. while fishing, to which he joyfully accepted.

Scope of Impact

The scope of impact on freshwater fishing in Texas is immense. It spans from the Eastern part of the state all the way over to El Paso, it reaches as far north as Plainview all the way down to Brownsville. Fishing’s Future has chapters in over 20 communities in the State of Texas and has impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals through seminars, educational programs, fish camps and events. The scope of Freshwater fishing that stems from the organization Shane Wilson started, Fishing’s Future, ranges from Great Britain to California, and from Minnesota down to Texas. The impact Fishing’s Future has left on more than a million individuals is hopefully to adopt the lifetime hobby of fishing that will span multiple generations.

Overall Contribution

Present day, Fishing’s Future has left a lasting impact on hundreds of thousands of people within the State of Texas and millions Nationwide.  Because of Shane’s vision, Fishing’s Future has accumulated “28” active chapters in the State of Texas and is embraced by selfless volunteers who contribute thousands of hours to the Texas Angling Education Program over the last thirteen years. Shane has worked tirelessly to build an organization that not only re-connects children to nature, but he has taken great pride and joy into observing the rebirth of a family unit and seeing it grow back together.  Many parents and families seek Fishing’s Future, Shane or other Fishing’s Future chapters out to connect with their children. Fishing’s Future gives these families hope. Fishing’s Future plant the seed in everyone who participates for them to grow and flourish into respectable and successful leaders in society, it also ensures a recreational education for the love of the sport by teaching environmental stewardship and increasing awareness for the protection, conservation and restoration of our Nation’s aquatic natural resources.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter is the Accountant for the Point Isabel Independent School District. He is in charge of overseeing the School District’s $45 Million budget and all accounting and reporting.

Ken Duke

Managing Editor of Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine, “The Business Magazine for the Sportfishing industry”.

He is the former senior editor of B.A.S.S. Publications (2005-14), former senior publicist of B.A.S.S. (2004-05) and former publications editor of Game & Fish Publications (1999-2004).

He sees himself as the multi-tool of outdoors media and the fishing industry — writer, editor, radio and podcast host/guest, historian, consultant, advisor, liaison, etc.

Ken has been in the outdoors publishing field since he was 19 years old, having sold his first manuscript to a national publication while a freshman in college.
Bass fishing is his passion, and he’s worked hard through the decades to know and understand more about the sport’s history than anyone else in the world.

He is a graduate of the University of Georgia (Political Science and English) and University of Georgia School of Law.
Ken is also the author of two books on bass fishing and has been published in more than 50 regional and national outdoor magazines.

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher is the Vice President of Sales for Zebco Brands, headquartered in Tulsa, OK.  Matt oversees the Sales, Customer Service, and Forecasting for North America, South America, and Asia.  Matt has been in this position for twelve years.  Part of Matt’s job includes overseeing Angling Education programs for Zebco and this is how he was introduced to Shane Wilson and Fishing’s Future.

Matt was born in Virginia.  Matt’s family moved to South Carolina when he was five years old.  Matt spent one year in Iowa and three years in Oklahoma but returned to South Carolina and now makes the Palmetto State his home.  Matt is a graduate of the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.  Matt started at U of SC in the Marine Science program but ultimately finished with a Management and Economics degree.

Matt’s second job after college was with the Sports Unlimited chain of stores which then lead to a marketing position at Shakespeare Fishing Tackle.  Matt worked for Shakespeare for nearly fourteen years and was part of the management team that achieved unprecedented organic growth in the fishing category.  Matt became Senior Vice President of the company in 2006.  During Matt’s time at Shakespeare, he began to learn the value of helping kids learn to fish.

Matt was recently certified by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as a Certified Fishing Instructor.

He is an avid angler and loves to fresh and salt water fish.  Matt lived for 10 years on Lake Murray in Chapin, South Carolina and now resides with his family on the Cooper River in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.  Matt enjoys South Carolina football games with his wife, Angela, and daughter, Ansley.  He also enjoys time on the dock with his son, Daniel.



Doug Pettit

My father taught me how to fish when I was 8 yr old at Hopkins Pond in Haddonfield, NJ.  Catching those “sunnies” with dad was the beginning of an enduring hobby.  Many life lessons were learned along the way while fishing in the Florida Keys, wading off the Galveston jetties or enjoying the Laguna Madre.  It is important for kids to step away from technology and experience nature through outdoor activities.  Those are the times that develop and build relationships with family and friends that last a lifetime.  It is an honor to be part of this worthy organization that promotes fishing and family values.


Over thirty years of practicing criminal law, first as a defense attorney and now a prosecutor


Graduate of University of Houston and South Texas College of Law.  Currently an Assistant District Attorney for San Patricio County.

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