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We’re on a mission to connect Kids and Family with Nature through fishing adventures that strengthen family relationships, build stewardship of the environment and provide positive outdoor angling education for families with children between the ages of 5-16.

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Girl Scout Troops out to Henry’s Lake (Kansas)Girl Scout Troops out to Henry’s Lake (Kansas)

Our school in Lawrence, KS, brought two Girl Scout Troops out to Henry's Lake, one troop of littles & one of bigs. Sherri & two guys (I am so sorry I am not good at remembering names!) came out in April 2021 (oh yeah that pandemic year), and it was so fun. Everyone had a great time & learned so much! The teachers were so nice & encouraged the girls, and they all caught fish, most it was their first time fishing.

We can't thank you enough. The girls want to go fishing again!

The Dement FamilyThe Dement Family

Dement Family - First Catch Center #6 - June 27 2020 - Jesse Jone Park - Humble Texas

"Thank You again for the wealth of knowledge. The family had a blast and can't wait to go out fishing"!

Jorge CruzJorge Cruz
First Catch Center #6 - June 27 2020 - Jesse Jone Park - Humble Texas

Thank you for a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. My kids and I had a blast!

Bailee Deems – 10yrs Old from OklahomaBailee Deems – 10yrs Old from Oklahoma

She lives fishing, we put all 5 of grand children in the local youth tournament every summer. Phil was great with her, he explained what every fish was that she caught and she foul hooked one and he explained that as well. They had so much patience with the kids. We appreciate all your organization is doing. It's so great. My grand daughters name is Bailee Deems 10 yrs old from Stringtown Oklahoma.

Thank you for your patience with her.


(used with permission by Sherry Deems 1-15-2019 / Picture taken at the Oklahoma City Boat & Tackle Show 2019)

Jorge OrtegaJorge Ortega

Mary Jo Peckham Park - INLAND Fisheries - Event 1 - Nov 3, 2018

Hi Mr Scherer, Just to let you know that my family and I had a great day learning to fish. The whole team was very patient and empathic with the camp participants at Mary Jo Park. Please extend our gratitude to them. By the way, my wife caught a sunfish. Regards

Jorge Ortega

Olivia ThorntonOlivia Thornton

Mary Jo Peckham Park - INLAND Fisheries - Event 1 - Nov 3, 2018

Hi Mr. Scherer,

Thanks for your event yesterday!

After you left, my friend’s son caught a Channel Catfish and the next day we visited there again and my son caught a Channel Catfish.

They were so excited.

My son also learned how to hold catfishes from you as in a picture.

Please keep me posted especially when will have another event of how to fillet and cook fishes.

Your event is really amazing.

Thank you so much for educating us!

Olivia Thornton

Kathleen GoforthKathleen Goforth

My kids (9 and 15) had a great time at this program! The first part was organized into education stations (4 in total). They spent time learning how to fish...from tying knots to practicing casting. The second part was actually fishing. Both of my children caught three fish each and really experienced the joy of the catch! I highly recommend the program as it does effectively teach families what they need to know to get out there and fish together.

Luke Kowalewski – KDWPT Fisheries BiologistLuke Kowalewski – KDWPT Fisheries Biologist

Kansas City District
Fisheries Newsletter
Summer 2018

Mentioned Fishing's Future in Biologist

Also, numerous youth aquatic education and fishing events were held during the summer, many conducted with the outstanding assistance of the Fishing’s Future organization (I personally want to express my gratitude for their continued support).

Link to FULL Newsletter - summer 2018 District Fish

Zachary, Age 16Zachary, Age 16Fun and engaging

I wasn't sure what to expect but was under the assumption that this event would be directed towards a younger crowd. However I was surprised to learn some new fishing techniques and found all the information fun and engaging. I look forward to using these new techniques and all the new tackle gear on my next camping trip.

On Saturday our family was invited to participate in a Fishing's Future event. Although we had heard Fishing's Future we had never participated and really had no idea what to expect. From an adults perspective the event was well organized, very informative, hands on, and fun for all ages.  My children were very engaged in all aspects of the event. From learning to ties knots and fishing safety all the way to the actual fishing itself. My children, ages 3 to 15, were challenged with new information and as parents we really enjoyed learning, working and playing along with them. The event was a wonderful family activity that created a great memory and got all of us excited to do more fishing excursions in the future.

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