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help Prevent Monofilament from

Becoming the Next Invasive

Prevent Monofilament
from Becoming

The Next Invasive

Used fishing line left on the shoreline, on piers or docks, or in the water is harmful to fish, wildlife, people, and boat motors. Fishing line or monofilament takes 600 years to disintegrate
while in the water. Recycling offers a way to keep it out of the environment and converts it to make useful items. Remember, we can only do this with monofilament & fluorocarbon and not braided type lines.
To learn about the importance of keeping fishing line out of our waterways, understand the recycle steps, who does the actual recycling, and how you can educate others, visit these
• (Texas) Monofilament Recycling Recovery Program
• (Florida) Monofilament Recycling Recovery Program
Berkley Fishing
The Meadows Center
Blood Knot Ring

Check with you own local agency to see what your state is doing. Please contact us to share anything your state may be doing that other could follow.

Our Mission

The Fishing’s Future Mission

  • Reconnect kids to nature.
  • Reconnect kids to family and strengthen family relationships.
  • Teach Environmental Stewardship and Increase awareness for the protection, conservation and restoration of our Nation’s aquatic natural resources.
  • Increase participation in recreational angling.

help Prevent Monofilament from

Becoming the Next Invasive