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Interested in Opening a Fishing’s Future (FF) Chapter in your Community?

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Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Become certified in Aquatics Education or Angling Education within your state if one is offered. (Contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources and check to see if they have this certification or another type of training for volunteers.
  2. Begin the brainstorming process of likely organizations/businesses to help sponsor your chapter. (You will need to raise some local sponsorship and FF can provide sponsorship packets.)
  3. Contact Fishing’s Future (FF) and begin answering the questions found below.
  4. Find two or three others within your community who would be willing to volunteer with you.
  5. Raise the sponsorship funds from local businesses or private donations. Realize that local civic organizations, church groups, private individuals, businesses, etc. all give to charities in some fashion. Fishing’s Future is a charity and all donations are tax deductible.
  6. Request Fishing’s Future Agreement, sign and return.

​New Chapter Application

Dear applicant,

You are embarking on something new and exciting for you and for your community.

Fishing’s Future is an organization that is dedicated to bringing youth closer to nature and closer to their parents or other adult family members. Through educational fishing events families are strengthen as they learn the basic skills necessary to fish independently.

Your interest in opening a Fishing’s Future chapter indicates that you already have a strong desire to better your community and that you value strong family connections.

In filling out this application, please realize that all information will remain confidential and stay within the Fishing’s Future organization. This application is designed to assist Fishing’s Future in collecting the information needed to expedite the process in opening a new chapter if one is granted.

Please answer all questions and don’t be shy in relaying to FF the accomplishments you have achieved through your past works.

  • Name and address (both mailing, email and shipping if they are different)
  • Why you would like to bring Fishing’s Future to your community.
  • Past volunteerism with local youth or other organizations.
    Experience in recreational fishing.
  • Other qualifications you want to share.
  • Achievements or awards.

Our Mission

The Fishing’s Future Mission

  • Reconnect kids to nature.
  • Reconnect kids to family and strengthen family relationships.
  • Teach Environmental Stewardship and Increase awareness for the protection, conservation and restoration of our Nation’s aquatic natural resources.
  • Increase participation in recreational angling.

Ready to be a hero in your community?