The iCAN Initiative

On June 6, 2022, the “ICAN” was launched from South Padre Island, TX into the pristine water of the Laguna Madre Bay for its maiden voyage and became an instant success within the disability community. Disabled families are now able to make lifetime memories fishing from a boat that has been specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs, medical beds, and other types of medical apparatus. 

The I”CAN” vessel is equipped with a retractable chair/lift that is used to lower and raise disabled individuals in and out of the water. This retractable chair/lift enables disabled individuals a way to get in and out of the water with ease so they too can play and swim freely with family members.

The City of South Padre Island, Texas has proclaimed it is now the “Special Needs Sportfishing Capitol of Texas” and invites all families with disabilities to visit their white sandy beaches and fish its waters. The Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott, sent an official Texas State Recognition to Fishing’s Future for “the important role Fishing’s Future plays in the disability community.”

Fishing’s Future believes that all families, regardless of age, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, political affiliation, or economic status should have an opportunity to learn how to fish and experience the joys of fishing and spending time on the water. 

Come experience the joys found in fishing and playing in the water on the “ICAN”.

Special Needs Sportfishing Capital of Texas

June 22, 2022

City of South Padre Island

On June 22, 2022 the mayor of South Padre Island proclaimed by proclamation that the city of South Padre Island to be the Special Needs Sportfishing capital of Texas.



Shane Wilson and Tim Lippoldt had an instant connection when Shane realized Tim was the missing piece to his boat,

The ICAN. The ICAN is a twenty-five-foot Triton boat designed to lift a special needs individual in and out of the water and take them fishing with their family.

See how the ICAN is bringing a new attraction to South Padre Island.

Select the link below to watch the TPWD video that was made in March 2023.

Dan Warrior and the ICAN Initiative


Dan Warrior – Actor, Husband, Father of 5. A Native American Superhero.
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Texas recognizes the "I CAN"!

Fishing’s Future

South Padre Island, Texas

As Governor of Texas, it is my pleasure to recognize Fishing’s Future for the important role you play in the disability community.

There is no more … 

Fishing’s Future Announces ICAN Initiative


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