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Our Mission:
  • Reconnect kids to nature
  • Reconnect kids to family and strengthen family relationships
  • Teach Environmental Stewardship and Increase awareness for the protection, conservation and restoration of our Nation's aquatic natural resources
  • Increase participation in recreational angling

In 2004 the first FAMILY FISH CAMP(FFC) was conducted to get kids and parents together outdoors. Today, FishingsFuture.Org is more committed to achieving this goal than ever before. After 10 years of conducting FAMILY FISH CAMPs (FFCs) and witnessing the profound changes in families, behaviors and environmental responsibility, through unique concepts like; parental inclusion, Leave-No-Trace philosophy, and environmental stewardship, Fishing's Future is growing and gaining national recognition. In 2007, Fishing’s Future was granted 501 c(3) non-profit status, and began an ambitious national initiative to draw children ages 6-16 and their families outdoors - to show them what they have been missing, and at the same time create bonds between children, parents and our natural environment.

Fishing's Future conducts FAMILY FISH CAMPs and other angling outreach events sharing the joys of fishing to new communities and families in all areas. A FAMILY FISH CAMP is a full day of education, fun, and excitement where Jr. Anglers and their parents learn the skills, knots, methods, rules, and techniques necessary to fish independently and then immediately apply those newly learned skills fishing during the last part of the FAMILY FISH CAMP. Fishing’s Future also conducts Family Fly Fishing Camps (FFFCs), Family Kayaking Camps (FKCs) and holds many other angling outreach events.

Fishing’s Future, now entering its eighth year as a 501 c3 corporation, will keep its sights set on the original initiative of changing the recreational habits of millions of kids and families across America – city by city, region by region, state by state. Check our “Upcoming Events” to see if we are coming to your community or contact us to schedule a FAMILY FISH CAMP or ask how you can open a Fishing's Future chapter in your area.

Positive people bring positive change and this is what Fishing’s Future is.  All across America, families are turning to electronic devices to communicate.  Family communication, as it once was, is decreasing and the human connection is slowly being replaced with digital neutrality.  Fishing’s Future provides opportunities for families to engage each other via an educational family oriented fishing activity.  There is nothing more positive or more profound than providing families the opportunity to grow closer to each other and to nature.

This single component makes Fishing’s Future unique and it is a focus we must always maintain.  Each individual who strives to better their community must fully commit to stepping outside their comfort zone and stretch the boundaries of their daily lives.  They must dedicate themselves to a grander understanding of GIVING.  It is not a giving for self-gain, but a GIVING for the betterment of society as a whole. We received the following comment which further illuminates this point and our mission.

“Some of my best memories are fishing with family and friends. We were a family of five, with a small fishing boat and seven poles. We were known as the spider boat. We would catch bass, walleye, and the occasional northern pike.

I especially remember one time going on the evening fish, just dad and I. Being on the rippling water, surrounded by the trees, a slight breeze, and the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds. Dad was a quiet man, conversation was not really needed. We were tight line fishing, drifting. Just casting, getting caught on weeds pulling on my line, trying again and root beer barrel candy. I knew how to put on my own hook, sinker, and bait, but dad would always do it for me, I was his daughter. We didn't catch anything that evening, except a quiet moment in time, a memory that will last forever.

Dad is no longer with us but these memories will live with me forever. In a society where everyone is focused on personal gain, it is nice Fishing's Future is tuned into what really matters. You provide opportunities where fathers and daughters can share quiet moments."

"Love and prayers to Fishing's Future”

Never lose sight of what you are doing or why you are doing it.  The difference you are making is positive and LIFELONG.

Those involved with Fishing's Future share much, much, "much" more than just their time and efforts.  They give freely to others making their commmunity better.  

To gain some insight of those who take pride in sitting on our boards please refer to our Board of Directors and Advisory Board pages or click on their respective pages.

To gain insight on those who get to work with the Kids and their Family Members at Fishing's Future's Events, read a little about each of our Master Anglers.  To do so, please visit the Master Angler's Bio Page of interest to you.

Thanks for taking the time to do so.

Fishing's Future