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Michael Scherer

Michael Scherer is a native Texan and enjoys the many water opportunities available in this great diverse area. He truly believes in teaching environmental stewardship and educating families about protecting the wonderful world of water critters.

Wife Elizabeth, son Simon Eagle Scout, and daughter Katherine spend many weekends at various Texas Parks & Wildlife Take Me Fishing events. As a family, they work together to put smiles on children’s faces - one catch at a time.

When not spending time with his family, Michael enjoys learning about Texas aquatic science, building aquatic learning kits for youth, and bug picking the waterways.

Michael is an active leader in the Boy Scouts of America, Camp Master , BSA Certified Angler Instructor , TP&W Area Chief Katy, Outdoor Ethics Instructor, Monofilament Line Collector, and Mentor to Katy ISD  Elem School Green team called the Green Hornets.

As a steward of the land and water, Michael has learned to respect what is around him and to help prepare the youth to also learn how to respect what is around them.

You can contact him by email:

Fishing's Future


Houston, TX