The McNall Family (Anna, John, Benjamin)
We have been “reel blessed” the past few months of fishing events, and today’s surf fishing event was no exception. As a mom of three little boys, fishing can be a tricky endeavor. I am so grateful for Mike and Tania and their team, who have created wonderful, safe, supportive opportunities for me and my boys to learn and grow in our fishing skills. The boys have earned their own fishing poles. They have learned about lake, river, and ocean fishing through instruction and conversation while catching fish and experiencing the camaraderie that fishing brings. The boys have been bitten by the fishing bug, and I know it will be a love and hobby for them for a lifetime.
EVENT: Florida – Vamos A Pescar – Sixth Event: Surf Fishing
DATE: Oct 21, 2023
CHAPTER: Reel Blessed Chaper of Fishing’s Future
MASTER ANAGLERS: Michael & Tania Schulze