Brown Family: I am Robert Brown and I would like to start off by saying the entire crew of Reel Blessed Chapter of Fishing’s Future is absolutely phenomenal. My son and I haven’t missed an event since the first one we attended. It has given us a chance to do something together and a bonding time that’s hard to come by. We both enjoy the events very much; every time we leave an event my son can’t wait till the next one. I feel very strongly about what Reel Blessed stands for and what they give to the community. I can’t say enough good things about them. I hope they continue to have the ability to do what they enjoy because you can truly see they do. I encourage anyone to come out with their family even if you don’t know anything about fishing the Reel Blessed crew will make sure that you do and have a fun time. To the kids you’re “just fishing“, but it really is so much more. To Reel Blessed and all of its volunteers thank you so much for the amazing times we have had and the future ones. You guys really are a blessing.

Mike and Tania Schulze

Master Anglers