Fishing’s Future has announced that we will start “Interactive Online Experience” Family Fish Camps.

Fishing’s Future would like to introduce free online Family Fish Camps (FFC) called “Interactive Online Experience”. We have been doing  FFC since 2007 and this will be a first for us doing live online classes.

These Camps are 40 min sessions and each class will be offered 4 times before moving to the next classes either Basic Fish ID or Basic Tackle. You only need to register once for one of the 4 knot classes. Then watch for the next offering for Fish ID and then Basic Tackle which you will have to register. We are going to limit these classes at first to 10 families each class so we can work out the bugs…

There will be a total of 3 different types of classes.

1) Basic Knots

2) Basic Fish ID

3) Basic Tackle

Parents must register for each session so we can be sure you have the information for the class and to give you time to find materials you might have around the house.

We will be doing this over ZOOM video conference so using your home computer or iPad will be needed. Your home computer does not have to have video. As long as you can see the presenter and have the ability to ask questions over chat, that is all that is required.

We will also send some items before the class starts so you have time to print and collect material for the class.

Checkout the Fishing’s Future EVENTS Page for classes.


For the first class – Knots, Hooks, and Line – You will need to find a Wire Clothes hanger, a needle-nose pliers with cutter, and a string about 2 – 3 foot long. We will also send a PDF for you to print.

Hanger hook how to can be found at: