My name is Paxton Buchman. I am 6 years old and I am sending my report on how I liked my new Zebco pole. This pole was kinda small for catching big catfish (that’s my favorite) but I used it to catch bait and it was really good. I was using worms to catch my bait. Catfish like perch and I was catching all kinds of perch. I went to the Council Grove City Lake, behind Uncle John’s house and fished off his boat dock. I also caught lots of pumpkinseed fish, but I can’t use those for bait because they are so pretty. I tried to keep one as a pet in my bait bucket, but it died. Now I just throw them back. So I really like to use that pole for bait and to catch pumpkinseeds so I can look at them. The only thing I didn’t like about the pole was I kept tangling up my line, but that was my fault, not the pole’s. Thank you very much for my bait pole.
Paxton Buchman
Interviewed by his grandmother, Carolyn Culp