(FFN) Andrew Parrish – Apr 30 2022
A HUGE!!!! Shout out to Andrew P…
Andrew came out to help us at yesterdays Fishing event at Bovay Scout Ranch.
Andrew has been working on completing his Fishing Merit Badge. He needs to catch 1 fish. Andrew mentioned that he has not caught a fish in a very long time and has mentioned that he just has bad luck fishing. He goes fishing and never catches anything even when other are catching fish around him.
Andrew helped many Cub Scouts yesterday, and many caught fish. But Andrew again could not catch a fish.
After spending the entire day with Andrew and seeing with my own eyes that, YEP! fish avoid him. He was doing everything correctly, but no fish would strike his bait.
We ended the event and I explained we are not going to give up. It was hot, muggy & buggy but the GOAL has been set.
We tried a few known fishy holes but nothing…
THEN IT HAPPEN! BOOM. FISH ON!!!! At the bank with all the tall grass I could not get to the fish to grab it and BINK! that awful sound when the bass spits the hook and bait back at you… DANG!
we still had time and Andrews face was lite up with RENEWED CONFIDENCE.
We walked to the end of the peninsula, made a long cast and FISH ON!!! Andrew fought it like a pro but the bass knew its habitat and dove into the stumps. DANG PART 2…
Andrew did not give up, I was praying at this point, and that bass took off again…. Well, the picture will tell you the ending of this adventure.
Excited to have played a small part.
Andrew is coming back to help volunteer at the next Bovay Adventure Camp.