My son Sam & I have enjoyed fishing together for years and have also participated in Fishing’s Future workshops in the past.  While we usually fish freshwater because of a spot close to home, we both really love saltwater fishing.  Sam had never landed anything significant in saltwater but we hoped that would change when he decided to fish the CCA Galveston Kidfish on May 7.  We got to Seawolf Park around 7:30 that morning and he cast his first line at 8 sharp.  He immediately had a 6″ croaker hit and landed it quickly.  He got hung up a few times, so we switched to a float with no weight and dead shrimp for bait and he immediately got some more hits…whiting and croaker.  Then, around 10:30, the bobber dove and the rod doubled over.  Sam set the hook like a pro and brought in a beautiful 16.5″ Black Drum.  After CCA volunteers measured and recorded the fish and we took a few photos, we let it back into the bay.  While Sam didn’t place with the largest fish, we were all extremely happy with the event and the awesome fish he landed.