I had put together a fishing event at Sea Center today just for families with special needs kids. Originally I had 3 families registered (which was the max) and one of those dropped earlier. With the weather, I didn’t think anybody would show up, however one family drove thru the rain from Houston to Lake Jackson. Rain was clearing when our family with mom and 3 young kids arrived. Two girls and a boy with Down Syndrome. Mom had told me prior that kids had little to no fishing experience. Not a problem! We had enough volunteers for each, plus a few to spare. Within minutes the kids were catching fish, some as little 6 inches up to a whopping 14lb red fish. When mom had enough pictures of the kids, she started fishing. The kids wore out before the fish did! Mom was so grateful to us for putting the event on, as she’s not really able to get out with the kids as much as she would like. I gave her information about events at Sheldon Lakes SP, Huntsville SP as well as Sea Center. She is planning on having the kids at my event in Galveston on the 10th and also looking to get her son signed in for fishing at our Special Olympics Fishing Tournament also in Galveston.  I gave her a bag with Fish ID cards, Freshwater Fish book, Saltwater Fish book, bracelets and other stuff. She was fascinated with fish information.
This was one of those events that even though we didn’t have as many kids as I would have liked, I think it was one of the most memorable events for the volunteers as well as mom and her kids.
Also with big groups, Jennifer tends to not get involved much. However, today she was fishing and helping without me having to prod her to participate. So even more of a successful event.
Enjoy the pics, I have permission to share!

Terry Smith

TPWD Volunteer Youth Fishing Instructor & Area Chief

Fishing’s Future Galveston Brazoria Chapter

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